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2024: Seasonal Swim Calendar

By Jack Hudson , 04 September, 2023

Following is our definitive selection of award-winning SwimTrek trips on sale for 2024 in 23 countries and over 50 locations around the world…

What do you learn after 20 years as pioneers of a particular industry? One thing we know for sure is SwimTrekkers are the life and soul of our business. That's why every year we bring you an improved, refined and unforgettable selection of trips that we ourselves (as open water swimmers too) can fully stand behind and proudly promote.

For 2024, it brings us great pleasure to introduce our definitive selection of on sale trips around the world! As usual we have something to satisfy all species of swimmers, from more Liveaboard adventures on the Lady of Avenel to Short Escapes in the best-loved coastal waters of Europe. Also, a couple of locations and secret projects are missing, which we are very excited to announce in the coming months!


EARLY 2023 (January - May)

The One You Won't Ever Forget


Galapagos Islands (Leaving from 6 January)

  • Explore one of the world's most stunning natural environments and discover the incredible biodiversity of the Galapagos National Park and Galapagos Marine Reserve

  • Swim with sea lions, marine iguanas, sea turtles, manta rays and an incredible range of fish and other marine life

  • Complete a breathtaking swim in and around the iconic volcanic crater of Tortuga Island

swimtrekkers Marine iguana plans its water entry
Blissful spot for a dip Friendly whale shark from the deep
Local sea lion hangout Galapagos penguin

Belize Barrier Reef (Leaving from 6 Jan) Stay on Turneffe Atoll, one of only three atolls inside the Belize Barrier Reef.

Oman Fjords (Leaving from 24 January) Experience a truly unique SwimTrek adventure among the stunning fjords of the Musandam Peninsula. Take in the dramatic landscapes, as imposing cliffs plunge into open waters.

Palawan Paradise (Leaving from 3 March) Explore the scattered islands and stunning seascapes of the Bacuit Archipelago, lying northwest of Palawan in the Philippines.

St Kitts & Nevis (Leaving from 9 March) Enjoy an unforgettable swimming holiday in some of the clearest waters of the Caribbean.

Red Sea Safari – Egypt (Leaving from 16 March) Swim a region of world-famous beauty, weaving over coral reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba.

red sea safari

The Maldives (Leaving from 16 March) Swim in some of the world's clearest waters and discover the incredible reefs that exist just below the surface.

Lan Ha Bay – Vietnam (Leaving from 6 April) Swim among over 300 otherworldly limestone islets and karst islands which jut up dramatically from emerald waters. Discover world-renowned Vietnamese culture and cuisine as you delve deep into this fascinating part of the world.

Channel & LDT Croatia (Leaving from 6 April) The perfect preparation for any long distance open water swim, particularly an English Channel solo crossing.

Channel Relay Training Camp Croatia (Leaving from 27 April) Train under the tutorage of world class SwimTrek coaches and experience unique open water swims. Explore island-dotted stretches of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast with like-minded swimmers.

Big Island – Hawaii (Leaving from 27 April) Travel to the ‘Island of Discovery’ and explore the youngest and largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. Uncover the secrets of volcanic coastlines and waters teeming with marine life, including the many friendly denizens of Kahalu’u Bay.

Red Sea Liveaboard (Leaving from 20 April) Discover the breathtaking underwater world of Egypt's world-famous Red Sea. Complete a once-in-a-lifetime selection of coastal and reef swims over the course of your trip.

Lycian Way – Turkey (Leaving from 22 April) Experience some of the clearest waters in the Mediterranean along Turkey's Turquoise Coast. Follow a portion of the famous Lycian Way walking path by water - it stretches 509 kilometres from Fethiye to Antalya!


Marathon Swim Camp – Croatia (4 May) Ideal preparation for any adventurous swimmers training for a 10km swim race, or another marathon swim event.

OWD Hawaii (Leaving from 5 May) Travel to the ‘Island of Discovery’ and explore the youngest and largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago.

Shipwreck Coast – Bali (Leaving from 17 May) Enjoy what this volcanic paradise has to offer above and below water! Discover the best tropical swimming Bali has to offer.

YogaSwim Bali (Leaving from 11 May) Enter a lost paradise of volcanoes, shanties and rice paddies, and explore the peaceful union of yoga and swimming in a small group of 12 like-minded swimmers.

red sea safari

Baja Peninsula – Mexico (Leaving from 12 May) Swim the stunning Baja peninsula, alongside sea lions and other incredible marine life in warm, clear waters.

Western Lakes (Leaving from 14 May) Experience an unforgettable swimming holiday among the rolling green fells of the Lake District. Experience the fells in full bloom as the bluebells brighten up the rolling fells of Rannerdale (May trips only)

Lycian Way – Long Swims (Leaving from 13 May) Dive into some of the clearest Mediterranean waters and swim longer distances along Turkey’s stunning turquoise coast.

Crete Discovery (Leaving from 19 May) Enjoy a week in the remote seaside village of Porto Loutro, which can only be reached by boat!

Greek Cyclades (Leaving from 25 May) Visit the home of the very first SwimTrek - Cyclades was where our earliest adventures took place, back in 2003. We’re still exploring its enchanting islets today!

Milos Explorer (Date Coming Soon) Enjoy an unforgettable swimming holiday in the clear, turquoise waters of the Greek Islands.

Emerald Coast – Long Swims (Leaving from 25 May) Challenge yourself with longer daily swim distances along Sardinia's stunning coast.

Montenegro Fjords (Leaving from 25 May) Enjoy an unforgettable swimming holiday in Montenegro and discover hidden coves, tranquil lakes and sheer mountains.

Crete Discovery – Short Swims (Leaving from 26 May) Enjoy a week of shorter daily swims based in the remote village of Porto Loutro, which can only be reached by boat.

Ionian Explorer (Leaving from 26 May) Swim in the warm clarity of the Ionian Sea as you explore the stunning western coast of mainland Greece.

IOW Mallorca (Leaving from 28 May) Gain confidence in the open water with this unique introductory swimming holiday on the island of Mallorca.


PEAK SEASON (June-August)

peak season

Greek Cyclades (Leaving from 1 June) Visit the home of the very first SwimTrek - Cyclades was where our earliest adventures took place, back in 2003. We’re still exploring its enchanting islets today!

Emerald Coast – Sardinia (Leaving from 1 June) Be inspired by island-hopping swims between the three northern islands of Budelli, Santa Maria and Razzoli.

Dalmatian Coast – Short Swims (Leaving from 1 June) Enjoy shorter daily swim distances, with sunlit coastal swims and crossings on an island-hopping adventure.

Tremiti Islands (Leaving from 2 June) Enjoy spectacular sea swims around the only Italian islands in the Adriatic Sea - the four-island archipelago of San Nicola, San Domino, Caraia and Cretacio.

OWD Mallorca (Leaving from 3 June) Develop your existing base of open water skills with multiple open sea swims mixed with pool coaching sessions.

Greek Sporades (Leaving from 8 June) Swim in the stunning waters of Europe’s largest marine protected area - the ‘National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades’.

Dalmatian Coast (Leaving from 8 June) Complete a variety of coastal swims and crossings among roughly 500 islets and 79 islands just off Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast.

Montenegro Fjords – Long Swims (Leaving from 8 June) Challenge yourself with longer daily swim distances in Montenegro, surrounded by stunning mountains.

YogaSwim Lake District (Leaving from 14 June) Get back to nature with a blend of freshwater lake and tarn swims, as well as restorative yoga sessions in Cumbria's iconic Lake District!

greek cyclades

Greek Cyclades – Short Swims (Leaving from 15 June) Join a smaller group for shorter island-hopping swims around some of the most scenic islands in the Mediterranean.

YogaSwim Crete (16 June) Roam the sunlit coastlines and stunning waters of southernmost Europe. Dive into idyllic coastal swims as you explore the Greek island of Crete.

Kornati Islands (Leaving from 15 June) Take in a few of the 140 breathtaking islands of Kornati National Park with beautiful coastal swims and circumnavigations.


Komodo National Park (Leaving from 17 June) Join us on a SwimTrek adventure with unforgettable swims in the heart of Indonesia's 'Coral Triangle'.

Lakes and Tarns - Lake District (Leaving from 17 June) Swim the iconic Lake District among stunning valleys, lakes, tarns and waterfalls. Combine safely escorted open water swims with spectacular fell and forest walks!

Mallorca Escape (Leaving from 6 June) Enjoy an escapist's swimming holiday in the warm waters of Mallorca and discover the most stunning of Spain's Balearic Islands.

Greek Sporades – Short Swims (Leaving from 22 June) Enjoy shorter swims in the sunlit waters of Europe’s largest marine protected area - the ‘National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades’.

Kornati Islands – Short Swims (Leaving from 29 June) Take shorter swims in the warm waters of Kornati National Park with beautiful coastal swims and island hopping.

lake bled

Lake Bled and the Slovenian Alps (Leaving from 1 Jul) Join us in the epic Slovenian Alps for an unmissable adventure of freshwater swimming and walking. Swim to the picturesque 17th Century pilgrimage church on Bled Island.

Malta Escape Short Swims (Leaving from 5 Jul) Dive into the clear turquoise waters of Malta and discover vivid underwater visibility like nowhere else in the world!

Isle of Skye and the Small Isles – Scotland (Leaving from 7 July) Explore the breathtaking scenery of Scotland's Isle of Skye and Small Isles on this once-in-a-lifetime liveaboard adventure!

The One With The Tall Ship

outer hebrides

Outer Hebrides – Scotland (Leaving from 21 July)

  • Discover some of Scotland's most spectacular scenery as we traverse the 10 islands that make up the southern section of the Scottish Outer Hebrides

  • Complete a series of challenging crossings and coastal swims between and around the area's stunning islands.

  • Relax between swims on the beautiful Lady of Avenel tall ship, which is a 102-foot Brigantine square rigger - our home for the week!

prehistoric islands The Lady of Avenel
diving with the manta rays Stunning Scottish beach
Group shot with the local dragons Look who showed up!

Canadian Wilderness (Leaving from 21 July) Explore the gorgeous freshwater wilderness along the Churchill River System in Canada’s Saskatchewan province.

Crete Discovery – With Teens (Leaving from 4 August) Enjoy a week of family swims from the remote village of Porto Loutro - which can only be reached by boat!

The One In The Istanbul River


Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim (Leaving from 16 August)

  • Take part in the world-famous Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim at the heart of Istanbul

  • Swim from Asia to Europe as one of the world's busiest shipping lanes closes for this once-a-year event!

  • Join open water swimmers from around the world and soak up lively Bosphorus race village

  • Discover the history and culture of the fascinating city of Istanbul

swimtrekkers Bosphorus swimmers packed together
Blissful spot for a dip Headed to the start of the swim
Local sea lion hangout Turkish pride!

Hellespont Week Tour (Leaving from 26 August) Enjoy a multicity tour discovering the best of Turkey.


Hellespont and Dardanelles Swim (Leaving from 28 August) Compete in the WORLD'S OLDEST SWIM in the annual 'Victory Day' Hellespont swimming race in Canakkale, Turkey.

The One In Clear Sicilian Waters


Aeolian Islands - Sicily (Leaving from 31 August)

  • Swim the warm waters of the Aeolian Islands and thread between volcanic landscapes, off Sicily’s north coast, which is rich in local myths and legends.

  • Explore the southernmost island of Vulcano - where you'll be based. Enjoy mud baths, hot springs and a little post-swim R&R after a day in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

  • If conditions permit, take on two adrenaline-fuelled and safely escorted crossings, including a 4½km swim from Lipari to Salina.

diving down to eagle rays Sicilian coastal stops/em>
dolphins broach the surface Incredible local islands
swimmers with escort Exploring the coastline in Sicily


LATE SEASON (September - November)

late season

Cascade Lakes – Oregon (Leaving from 2 September) Swim some of the most pristine North American waters in Oregon's stunning Cascade Lakes. Take in the awe-inspiring landscapes from a unique perspective as you swim beneath the peaks of the Cascade Range!

YogaSwim Crete (Leaving from 10 September) Roam the sunlit coastlines and stunning waters of southernmost Europe. Dive into idyllic coastal swims as you explore the Greek island of Crete.

Malta Escape (Leaving from 21 September) Dive into the waters of the Maltese archipelago and explore the perfect turquoise seas, with great underwater visibility.

Aeolian Islands – Short Swims (Leaving from 28 September) Enjoy shorter swim distances in the warm waters of the Aeolian Islands - thread between volcanic landscapes and discover outcrops and islets off Sicily’s north coast.

The One That's New For 2024!

virgin islands

Virgin Islands - Caribbean (Leaving from 27 October)

  • Escape for a hassle-free holiday in the tropical British Virgin Islands with cloudless blue skies, countless coral gardens and an irresistible tropical climate!

  • Swim the warm Caribbean waters and meet local aquatic wildlife, including the much-loved hawksbill turtle and shoals of reef fish

  • Discover far-flung tropical islands, like the protected national park of Prickly Pear, which is home to many wonderful birds, from mourning doves to blue-winged teals

prehistoric islands Beachfront views!
diving with the manta rays Coral waters
Group shot with the local dragons Incredible Caribbean clarity!



The One With 1,500 Islands

raja ampat

Raja Ampat – Indonesia (Leaving from 21 December)

  • Discover the freedom of a floating home as we explore this tropical archipelago of over 1,500 islands, islets and cays

  • Dive into one of the richest marine biodiversity sites in the world - over 90% of the marine animals in these waters live just four metres below the surface!

  • Travel to record-breaking Cape Kri, which has the most fish species spotted in one dive

swimtrekkers Exploring Raja Ampat by boat
Blissful spot for a dip The Liveaboard experience
Local sea lion hangout Indonesia above and below water


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