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Swimming Holidays in the Caribbean

Explore this island paradise like never before on an unforgettable swimming holiday in the Caribbean. With it’s idyllic climate, crystal clear waters and friendly, laid-back culture, The Caribbean is the perfect destination for a swimming adventure holiday.

From the white sand beaches of the British Virgin Islands, to the imposing mountain that watches over St Kitts & Nevis an open water swimming tour with SwimTrek gives you the opportunity to get to know these locations from a unique perspective. Enjoy the holiday that you’ve always dreamed about on a truly memorable swimming adventure in the Caribbean Islands.

British Virgin Islands

With bright blue skies, crystal clear waters and an irresistible tropical climate, a swimming holiday is the perfect way to experience the Caribbean’s stunning British Virgin Islands. From the picturesque island landscapes to the breathtaking underwater vistas, this trip is filled with spectacular scenery to explore and discover.

7 days
SwimTrek Classic
Oct, Mar '20
From £1,690

St Kitts & Nevis

Join us on a Caribbean short escape to the picturesque and unspoilt islands of St Kitts and Nevis. With volcanic landscapes, clear waters and idyllic white sand beaches, this tiny island nation offers some stunning swimming opportunities as we explore the bays, beaches and shipwrecks which make up the country’s beautiful coastline.

5 days
SwimTrek Classic
Mar '20
From £1,370