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2022: Seasonal Swim Calendar

By Jack Hudson , 13 January, 2022

SwimTrek trips are on sale for 2022 and a year of less restricted travel lies ahead of us! To say we’re excited to bring you back to swimming outdoors – with a whole lot more options and variations on worldwide swim travel – would be an understatement…

To celebrate the promise of more time abroad and fewer limits on the scope of your adventures, we've laid out our selection of packages currently on offer for 2022. From the biodiverse Galapagos Marine Reserve to the arid mountains of Oman's Musandam Peninsula, we've lined up no shortage of opportunities for you to get out in style and take revenge on drier times.

EARLY 2022

Adventure of a Lifetime


Galapagos Islands Jan '22 From £3,890

  • Explore one of the most biodiverse environments on Earth, following Darwin's wake across the Galapagos National Park and Marine Reserve

  • Swim among sea lions, marine iguanas, sea turtles, manta rays and shoals of exotic fish

  • Complete a breathtaking swim around the iconic volcanic crater of Tortuga Island

swimtrekkers SwimTrekkers in the Galapagos
the islands The islands in all their prehistoric glory
Spotted Eagle Ray Spotted Eagle Ray

SPRING (March-May)

Channel and Long Distance Training - Mallorca Mar '22 From £1,040

Red Sea Liveaboard - Egypt Apr '22, May '22 From £1,390

Dalmatian Coast - Croatia May '22, Jun '22, Jul '22, Aug '22, Sep '22, Oct '22 From £890

Emerald Coast Long Swims - Sardinia May '22, Jun '22, Sep '22 From £1,050

Crete Discovery May '22, Jun '22, Jul '22, Aug '22, Sep '22, Oct '22 From £990

10km Marathon Swim Camp - Mallorca May '22 From £990

Montenegro Fjords May '22, Jun '22, Jul '22, Aug '22, Sep '22, Oct '22 From £1,030

Montenegro Fjords May '22, Jun '22, Jul '22, Aug '22, Sep '22, Oct '22 From £1,030

SUMMER (June-August)

Greek Island Getaways

greek cyclades

Greek Cyclades Jun '22, Jul '22, Sep '22 From £1,110

  • Experience island-hopping swims around some of the most scenic islands in the Mediterranean

  • Explore tunnels, arches, caves and dramatic underwater topography as we complete breathtaking coastal swims on several different islands

  • Stay off the beaten track, with quaint accommodation on the undiscovered island of Schinoussa

explorer Cyclades swimmers leap in
short swims Strike an underwater pose!
long swims Swimmers at sunset

Montenegro Fjords Long Swims Jun '22, Sep '22 From £1,070

Malta Escape Jun '22, Jul '22, Sep '22 From £640

Komodo National Park - Indonesia Jun '22 From £1,990

Greek Cyclades Short Swims Jun '22, Sep '22 From £1,210

Emerald Coast - Sardinia Jun '22, Jul '22 From £1,090

Tremiti Islands - Italy Jun '22, Sep '22 From £1,090

Dalmatian Coast Short Swims - Croatia Jun '22, Jul '22, Aug '22 From £990

Introduction to Open Water - Mallorca Jun '22, Jul '22, Sep '22 From £890

Open Water Development - Mallorca Jun '22, Jul '22, Sep '22, Oct '22 From £890

A Classic SwimTrek Experience

milos header

Milos Explorer Jun '22, Jul '22, Aug '22, Sep '22, Oct '22 From £1,070

  • Explore a breathtaking variety of caves, tunnels, arches and underwater topography

  • Complete a range of stunning coastal swims and adventurous crossings between both inhabited and uninhabited islands

  • Relax and unwind aboard our very own SwimTrek yacht between swims

Milos Explorer Short Swims Jun '22, Jul '22 From £1,260

Milos Explorer Long Swims Jun '22, Jul '22, Sep '22 From £1,040

explorer Milos Explorer
short swims Milos Explorer Short Swims
long swims Milos Explorer Long Swims

Lycian Way - Turkey Jul '22, Aug '22, Sep '22 From £950

Crete Discovery Short Swims Jul '22, Oct '22 From £1,120

Lake Bled and the Slovenian Alps Jul '22, Aug '22 From £640

Dalmatian Coast Long Swims - Croatia Jul '22, Sep '22 From £1,030

Lycian Way Short Swims - Turkey Aug '22 From £1,030

AUTUMN (September-November)

An Oman Swim Odyssey


Oman Fjords Oct '21, Feb '22, Oct '22, Nov '22 From £1,290

  • Experience a truly unique SwimTrek adventure amongst the stunning fjords of the Musandam Peninsula

  • Marvel at the breathtaking views from the isthmus which separates the Persian Gulf from the Gulf of Oman

  • Soak in the panoramic views over the Strait of Hormuz from our 4-star hotel in Khasab

explorer Boats in the sunlit strait
oman dolphins Oman dolphins ride the waves
oman mountains Arid swim backdrops

WINTER (December-February)

Belize Barrier Reef Dec '21, Jan '22 From £2,850

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