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Swimming Holidays in Spain

The sunny climate and warm, clear waters around the islands of Spain are home to many of our most popular trips. Based on the picturesque islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, our open water swimming holidays in Spain are designed for swimmers of all abilities and experience levels.

If you are just starting out on your open water journey, our Introduction to Open Water and Open Water Coaching packages are excellent introductory trips. For the aspiring marathon swimmer, our 10K Training Camp and Channel and Long Distance Training provide you with top level training in a great environment. Or if you are looking for a more relaxing holiday, then our Mallorca Escape and Ibiza trips are the perfect way to unwind.

Mallorca Escape

This short escape swimming holiday in Mallorca is the perfect opportunity to take part in some spectacular swims in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, where you’ll also enjoy the comfort of the 5-star Blau Privilege PortoPetro Beach Resort & Spa, giving you an incredible holiday both in and out of the water.

4 days
From £990

Channel and Long Distance Training - Mallorca

Join us on the original channel and long distance swim training camp in Mallorca which we’ve been running for the past 16 years. With more than 200 successful English Channel solo swimmers having completed this trip in the past, it is the perfect way to prepare yourself, both physically and mentally, for any long distance swim challenge that you’re planning to undertake.

6 days
Coaching Trip
Mar '20
From £990

Open Water Development - Mallorca

This coaching trip on the Spanish island of Mallorca is the perfect way for you to take your open water swimming to the next level. Increase your confidence and improve your technique and open water stamina through a combination of pool and sea swims with the help of our experienced and qualified swim coaches.

6 days
Coaching Trip

Endurance Swim Training Camp - Mallorca

Join us on our specialist coaching camp which caters to endurance swim training in slightly warmer conditions than that of our original Channel and Long Distance Training Camp in Mallorca. This training camp is the perfect way to build up your endurance whilst preparing yourself physically and mentally for achieving any long distance swim challenge that you’re planning to undertake. Participating in this camp is also a great stepping stone in preparing for a cold water crossing when combined with our Channel and Long Distance Training trip.

6 days
Coaching Trip
From £970

10km Marathon Swim Camp - Mallorca

Whether you are preparing for an upcoming 10km swim race or planning to undertake a marathon swim event somewhere in the world, this open water swim coaching camp in Mallorca is the ideal way to ensure that both your body and your mind are prepared for the challenges that you’ll face as you push yourself to 10km and beyond.

6 days
Coaching Trip
May '20
From £930

Introduction to Open Water - Mallorca

If you are looking to make the transition from the pool to the open water, this introduction to open water swimming trip in Mallorca is the perfect way to do it. Under the expert guidance of our qualified swim coaches, you will have the opportunity to discover the joys that come with taking part in a swimming adventure in the great outdoors.

6 days
Coaching Trip

Ibiza Hidden Coast - Spain

Join us on an incredible swimming holiday in Ibiza as we explore some of the most rugged and isolated parts of this beautiful Balearic Island. With a mix of cliff-side coastal swimming, iconic island-hopping and exciting cave exploration, this trip gives you the opportunity to discover a side of Ibiza that most visitors will never have the chance to experience.

7 days
SwimTrek Classic