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7 days
SwimTrek Classic

Trip Dates

27 May - 02 Jun
10 Jun - 16 Jun
24 Jun - 30 Jun
08 Jul - 14 Jul
15 Jul - 21 Jul
22 Jul - 28 Jul
19 Aug - 25 Aug
26 Aug - 01 Sep
02 Sep - 08 Sep
09 Sep - 15 Sep
16 Sep - 22 Sep
30 Sep - 06 Oct

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Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy an unforgettable swimming holiday in the clear, turquoise waters of the Greek Islands

  • Explore a breathtaking variety of caves, tunnels, arches and underwater topography

  • Complete a range of stunning coastal swims and adventurous crossings between both inhabited and uninhabited islands

  • Relax and unwind aboard our very own SwimTrek yacht between swims

  • Discover the charm and beauty of the laid-back Greek culture and spectacular landscapes of Milos and its surrounding islands

This stunning Greek Island swimming holiday gives you the opportunity to explore the beautiful volcanic coastline of Milos. Featuring spectacular sea caves, tunnels and breathtaking arches, Milos and its surrounding islands are an open geological museum just waiting to be explored.

The beautiful views and incredible geology that you will experience on this trip, both above and below the water, are some of the most spectacular that exist anywhere in the Mediterranean. From the deep, clear waters of the Aegean Sea to the white sand beaches and imposing rock formations that define the islands in this corner of the world, Milos is an idyllic location for open water swimmers.

Accompanied by our very own SwimTrek yacht throughout the week, this trip features a combination of stunning coastal swims and adventurous crossings to both inhabited and uninhabited islands. Combined with the spectacular island landscapes and the laid-back Greek culture, this SwimTrek adventure embraces the sense of exploration and discovery that we live by every day.

Fallen in love with Milos? Yet still looking for different variations on swimming distances, please check out our Milos Long Swims and Milos Short Swims options!

Who is this trip for?

This trip is designed for swimmers who enjoy both coastal swims and crossings as well as exploring sea caves, tunnels and arches on our coastal swims. The pace of swimming is often slightly slower than usual due to the abundance of underwater vistas and caves and tunnels to explore.

Swimmers should also have a basic understanding of open water swimming and be capable of completing the average swim distance of around 3 km prior to the start of the trip. The average daily swim distance is around 5km (split over a minimum of two swims).

We have given this trip a ‘Moderate’ grading. Most swimmers comfortable in the open water will be able to take part and enjoy one of these trips.

What's included?

  • Fully guided swimming holiday in Milos, Greece
  • Swim guides and full safety escort on all swims
  • Six nights' accommodation
  • Six breakfasts
  • Six lunches, including picnics on our yacht and quiet beaches, as well as traditional Greek lunches in local tavernas

What's not included?

  • Travel to and from the start of the tour
  • Evening meals
  • Overnight Stay Tax

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Daily Itineraries

Please note that the below daily itineraries are an example of the swims that may take place during the course of your trip, however, actual swim locations and distances will vary according to local weather and sea conditions. Your SwimTrek guides and local boat pilot will determine the most suitable swim locations each day and will communicate the plan with all guests as soon as possible.

Trip Schedule

Start Point: Soultana Rooms, Pollonia, Milos

Start Time: 17:00 on Day 1

Finish Point: Soultana Rooms, Pollonia, Milos

Finish Time: 10:00 on Day 7

Day 1

We meet on the outside terrace at the Apollon Rooms, the sister hotel of the Soultana Rooms, where we hold a welcome meeting featuring a description of the days ahead, followed by a safety briefing. Following this, we go to the private beach situated in front of our accommodation for a short acclimatisation swim, before taking a short walk into Pollonia for dinner at one of the local restaurants.

Day 2

Our first swim starts at Kalogeros, which means ‘The Monk’. It is a 60m tall rock stack composed entirely of columnar jointed basalt and is an impressive start point for our first swim of the week. From here, we swim along the coast towards Papafragas which is one of the island’s most impressive collections of caves and tunnels. The caves all have multiple chambers and entrances.

Following a chance to relax and have lunch on the boat, we head out on our first crossing of the week to the volcanic phenomenon of Glaronissia Island with its imposing geology. After swimming through one of the island’s tunnels, we carry on by crossing to two other small islands.

Day 3

Today we explore the islands located north of Milos. Our first swim takes us to eastern Kimolos where we’ll discover a series of rocky outcrops featuring tunnels ideal for swimming through. From here, we touch the Kimolos coast before heading across to Polyaigos, using a lava stack as our sighting point before arriving at a stunning sandy beach.

In the afternoon, we head to Kimolos’ west coast to the village of Prassa in the far northeast, where the island’s chalk production is based. The beaches here more closely resemble the tropics due to their white sands and clear blue waters. Depending on the conditions on the day, we’ll either swim around the island of Prasonisi or head south along the coast past thermal baths and jagged cliff sides.

Day 4

The morning begins with swim along the coastline between Sarakiniko and Mandrakia which has undergone large scale erosion over the years. This has led to the formation of about 20 sea caves and arches which are simply spectacular to swim through. The finish of the swim is breathtaking, as we reach the resting place of the Princess of Dubai, one of Greece’s best preserved shipwrecks.

In the afternoon, we head back to Mandrakia and continue swimming west towards the fishing village of Firopotamos. The depth of the water fluctuates here, which also varies the colour of the water during our swim. Our finish point at Firopotamos sees us arrive at the villages colourful fishing huts and a local church, before heading back to Pollonia.

Day 5

This morning, we travel by boat around Milos’ mountainous west coast. The morning swim starts at Fyrligkos, as we journey around the coast to Paliochori beach. On the way, be sure to look out for the stunning coastline colours and bubbles rising from the sea floor, which is a result of volcanic activity.

After stopping for lunch and a rest, we head towards the beach of Tsigrado for a real swim adventure as we swim through caves, hop across bays and travel underneath sheer rock formations and cliff faces.

Day 6

This morning we set off early to head to the remote south-west tip of Milos. We board the boat at Provatas and motor towards the iconic Kleftiko region. This area is renowned for its spectacular rock formations, caves and tunnels, as well as its history, which is rich with tales of pirates and stolen treasures. The coastline features an impressive array of stacks, caverns and tunnels.

In the afternoon we travel up the island’s west coast and into Milos Bay where we arrive at the picturesque fishing village of Fourkovouni, which has traditionally been sheltered from the north winds. From here, we swim south towards the ancient fishing community of Klima with its historic catacombs dating from the 1st-5th Century.

Day 7

After the exertions of the week, we have time for breakfast and a relaxing swim on the beach just outside our accommodation before the trip finishes at 10am.

Location Summaries


According to mythology, the island was named after its first inhabitant, Milos, who was the son of a Cyprian royal family, sent by the goddess Aphrodite to inhabit the island after his parents’ death. Milos is the most south-western island in the Greek Cyclades.


Pollonia is a picturesque fishing village on the northeast tip of Milos directly opposite the island of Kimolos. It’s built around a sheltered harbour with traditional whitewashed, cubic houses.


Separated from Milos by the Kimolos Strait, Kimolos is a volcanic island full of natural caves.


At a distance of 1½km to the northeast of Kimolos lies the island of Polyaigos, which translates to “island with a lot of goats.” With an area of approximately 18 km2, it is one of the largest uninhabited islands in the Mediterranean.


A spectacular complex of cliffs, sea passages, tunnels and arches. The name comes from the Greek word “kleftes”, meaning thief, as legend says it was a popular haven for pirates in the middle ages.

Trip Grading

We have given this trip a ‘Moderate’ grading. Most swimmers comfortable in the open water will be able to take part and enjoy one of these trips.

Swimming Distances

Swim Distances
Kalogeros - Papafragas 2km
Papafragas - Glaronissia 2½km
Kimolos - Polyaigos 3km
Prassa - Prasonisi 2km
Sarakiniko - Mandrakia 3km
Mandrakia - Firopotamos 3.5km
Aghia Kyriaki - Paliochori 3km
Tsigrado Coastal 2km
Kleftico - Gerontas 2½km
Fourkovouni - Klima 2½km

*Please note that these swims are an example of what may take place during the course of your trip and should be used as a guide only. Actual swim locations and distances will vary according to local weather and sea conditions.

Swimming Conditions

Swimming in the sea is a fantastic experience, however you should be aware that certain marine life such as sea lice, jellyfish, sea urchins and coral could be present during the swims. In all cases we will work on reducing your contact with these creatures, however if you suffer from anaphylaxis, please consult the office prior to booking.

Walking Conditions

There are small walks on this trip which are mainly to get us to and from the start and finish of a swim. Most walks take place on recognised paths and tracks, however there may be cases where we walk along trails or other unsealed surfaces and care should be taken in these areas.


Month Water Temperature* Air Temperature*
May 17-20°C / 63-68°F 17-21°C / 63-70°F
June 21-25°C / 70-77°F 21-27°C / 70-81°F
July 24-28°C / 75-82°F 22-29°C / 72-84°F
August 24-28°C / 75-82°F 22-29°C / 72-84°F
September 24-26°C / 75-79°F 21-26°C / 70-79°F
October 21-24°C / 70-75°F 17-21°C / 63-70°F

*Please note that these temperatures are indicative and should be used as a guide only.

Weather Caveat

For safety reasons, we rely on decent weather conditions when carrying out our swims. As a consequence, open water swimming holidays require a certain degree of on-trip flexibility which can result in changes to the planned itinerary. These changes often add a touch of uniqueness to your trip and will be communicated to you by your SwimTrek guides as quickly as possible.

Trip Information

Group Size

This trip has a maximum group size of 15. The group will be split into a maximum of two groups, based on speed, with each group being accompanied by their own safety vessel/escort. 

Boat Support

Boat support on this trip includes one main yacht and two support boats to be piloted by your SwimTrek guides and a local boat pilot. Please note that this boat support is subject to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed.

Equipment Checklist

In addition to your daily non-swimming clothes, we also recommend that you bring the following items:

Item Item
Swimming Costume (x 2) Towel
Swimming Goggles (x 2)* Sweater / Fleece
Sun Hat and Sunglasses Waterproof Jacket
Waterproof Sun Cream Walking Shoes / Sandals
Small Daypack Aqua Shoes / Sandals
Personal Drink Bottle (x2)

For more information, please visit our Packing List page on the website.

*Try to bring one clear lens and one tinted lens for different light conditions.

SwimTrek will supply swim hats, water, and electrolyte drinks. The guides will no longer distribute shared drinks bottles but will fill your personal drink bottles. Please ensure these are clearly marked to help our coaches identify yours. If you would like to use a wetsuit, rash vest, snorkel, or fins during your swims, please ensure that you bring these with you.

Getting There

There are many options for travelling to Milos, however, the easiest routes are to fly into either Athens or Santorini and then catch a connecting flight or a ferry to Milos. Once you have arrived in Milos, a transfer is the easiest way to reach the hotel. As SwimTrekkers come from all over the world, and join our swimming holidays in numerous destinations, we don't currently offer flights as part of our SwimTrek packages. We do however want to do as much as we can to ensure that our guests get the best deals when travelling to one of our trips so check out our SwimTrek flight tips page on the website.

IMPORTANT: While it is recommended that you purchase your ferry tickets online in advance, it is worth mentioning that ferry operators and third party websites may issue an ‘e-ticket’ at the time of booking (i.e. you will not be able to print your ticket prior to travel). You will have the option to either have your ticket sent to you via courier (upon payment of a postage fee) or to pick up your ticket when you arrive in Greece. Pick-up locations can vary from one ferry operator to the next and often include locations in central Athens, as well as offices which are located at your selected departure port. For any enquiries about ticket collections, please contact the ferry operator or booking agent directly.

Option 1 - Getting There - Athens to Milos

Overnight Accommodation in Athens

If you need to stay overnight in Athens prior to or after your SwimTrek trip and would like to be close to the port, the Hotel Phidias is a great option. Guests arriving to or departing from the port can also get a free transfer to and from the hotel. For further information, please visit:

Flights from Athens to Milos

From Athens airport, there are direct flights to Milos available on selected days with Olympic Air. Once released, flight schedules and availability can be found at

Ferries from Athens to Milos

The journey from Athens (Piraeus Port) to Milos takes 3-4 hours and costs approximately €120 return. To check ferry times and make sure that they match up with your flight arrival or departure, please visit

Option 2 - Getting There - Santorini to Milos

Travel from Santorini Airport to Milos Port

From Santorini airport, you will need to get a transfer to the ferry port as there is no local bus service available. Please visit for prices and journey times.

Ferries from Santorini to Milos

The journey from Santorini to Milos takes 2-3 hours and costs approximately €100 return. To check ferry times and make sure that they match up with your flight arrival or departure, please visit

Transfer from Milos Port/Airport to Soultana Rooms

Once you have arrived in Milos, Travel Me To Milos offers a shared transfer service from Milos port or airport to the Soultana Rooms in Pollonia which coincides with all scheduled flight and ferry arrivals on the island from 08:00 until 22:00. For scheduled arrivals and departure pickups outside this time frame, private transfers are available.

The shared transfer service must be booked in advance, at the latest by 14:00 the day before the transfer.

Transfer price per number of guests

Milos Port to Soultana Rooms €23 €23 €25 €26 €39 €43 €48 €53
Milos Airport to Soultana Rooms €28 €29 €32 €36 €48 €53 €55 €60

To book your transfer, please contact or +30 22870 41008.


Accommodation during this trip is in simple and traditional Greek rooms at the ideally located Soultana Rooms ( in the quiet fishing village of Pollonia. The hotel is run by a local Greek family and offers accommodation directly in front of the islands of Kimolos and Polyaigos. Our accommodation is based on twin-share rooms with en suite facilities. There are a limited number of single supplement rooms which can be reserved during the booking process, subject to availability.

Pre/Post Trip Accommodation and Trip Extension Options

If you require any additional nights’ accommodation before or after the trip, this can be arranged directly via Travel Me To Milos: who can be reached by email at or by telephone at +30 2287 041008.

Food and Drink

All breakfasts and lunches are included in your trip price, however, dinners are at your own expense. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to explore and experience the local cafes and restaurants of your choice over the course of your trip. The average price of a two course dinner in a local restaurant in Pollonia is between €30-€35.

For more information, please visit our food and drink page on the website.

Travel Advice

For more information on any of the following sections please visit the Travel Advice page of our website.

Money, Extra Expenses and Tipping

You should bring extra money with you to cover such items as ferry transfers, dinners and drinks, entertainment, souvenirs, etc. The local currency is the Euro (€). Please note that there are ATMs available on the island, however, there are only two in Pollonia so we suggest that you bring some money with you. Please also note that the Greek Ministry of Tourism has introduced an Overnight Stay Tax. This is payable upon arrival at the accommodation at a rate of €0.50 per room, per night.

We believe that tipping is done entirely at your own discretion. If you have been provided with excellent it may be something you wish to do. Your SwimTrek Guides can advise on local norms for service providers like boat crew, waiters or taxis. Nothing is expected for your SwimTrek Guides but many groups like to present something to the Guides at the end of the trip.

Responsible Travel

SwimTrek is conscious of the importance of protecting the world’s natural wonders. We are acutely aware of our responsibility to not only take care of the natural environments which we are lucky enough to explore, but also to educate our guests about the importance of conservation efforts and responsible tourism. It’s for this reason that we have worked so closely with our partners to ensure that our trips are conducted in the most responsible and sustainable way possible, working tirelessly to minimise the impact of our presence on local marine life and the natural habitat.

For more information, please visit our Responsible Travel page on the website.

Passports and Visas

Greece is part of the European Union. Non-residents of Greece require a full passport to enter the country, which should be valid for six months beyond the expected length of stay. Citizens of all EU member states, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand do not require a visa to enter Greece. Please note that visa regulations are subject to change and we advise that you check your own visa requirements prior to travel.

Travel Insurance

We consider comprehensive travel insurance to be essential, and we strongly recommend that you purchase insurance which includes, but is not limited to, cover for illness, accident, emergency repatriation, ambulance, air ambulance, helicopter rescue services, cancellation, lost luggage and delays. Your travel insurance should also cover you for open water swimming and any other activity listed in your trip itinerary (including races and competitions, where applicable). Please read your policy details carefully and remember to take them with you on your trip for your own reference. For further information, please visit our Travel Insurance page on the website.

Here at SwimTrek we pride ourselves on our focus on safety and the well-being of all our guests. As we operate in some beautiful and remote locations medical facilities are not always easily accessible. SwimTrek Guides, and many staff working for our local partners, are first aid trained. However we ask that you read our Travel Health page to ensure that you are informed about general Travel and Swim Health precautions.

Travel Plugs & Electricity

There is complimentary Wi-Fi internet access in the hotel.

For a useful source of information on the different electrical outlets, electrical plugs, and electric sockets, please visit

  • An exceptional experience. Milos is a swimmers paradise. The very best water clarity and creative landscape. The guides provide both security and encouragement to swim to your hearts content! Met liked minded swimmers that are likely to be life long friends. Visually astonishing…

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  • Milos is a mind blowing explores adventure: totally insane experience !!

    Amanda H, France - 2022
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    Stuart G, UK -2022
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    Richard L, UK - 2022
  • I loved every minute.

    Pierre Nallet, 2021
  • I have enjoyed all of my 10 Swimtrek trips immensely. However, this trip stood out as being even more special for a number of reasons. Having Simon supported by Tasmin was very inspiring.

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  • It was total privilege to be immersed in such beauty under the calm yet professional eye of the SwimTrek team. This trip was truly magnificent, and as a Greek my already high expectations were completely surpassed - I am already planning to go back again for more.

    Alexis Cambanis, 2021
  • Epic caves, swim throughs, arches! Great variety, fantastic weather and boat experience. Guides/crew chilled vibes, banter and music made it. Savouring this one!

    Sarah May, 2021
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    MJ Viglizzo, 2021
  • This SwimTrek, Milos Explorer, was absolutely outstanding!! The location, guides, accommodations, support staff all were super professional, attentive and considerate. The water and swims were absolutely spectacular especially exploring the coastline and its caves, passageways through rock formations...

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    Kent, Denmark - 2020
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  • A really excellent trip - as much for the discovering and exploring as the swimming .

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    Genny, Italy - 2020
  • The lure and the feel for the (sea)water make you move better. After the swim you walk on sunshine!

    Luc, Belgium - 2020
  • Ricky and Sian could not have done more to make it a fantastic trip.

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  • It was again the best holiday ever in my life with SwimTrek. Milos is one of the most beautiful locations to swim and to explore.

    Remi, Switzerland - 2020
  • Swim trek Milos is amazing. The coastlines are so interesting with lots of caves, tunnels and channels to explore. A truly amazing experience.

    James K. Australia - 2019
  • The trip was absolutely outstanding. Someone told me before I left that this trip would change my life. That was hard to believe, but it turned out to be true! I have new friends, new perspectives, new memories, new confidence in myself and in others, and a new found love for the country of Greece and of course SwimTrek.

    Christina B, USA - 2019
  • I wasn't sure, if I could step up from the short swims to a classic swimtrek, but the Milos Explorer is the best trip to start longer distances. You explore a lot of caves and before you know it, you have completed 3k!

    Anne-Kathleen M, Germany - 2019
  • Spending a week doing what I love with like minded people who share my passion and outlook in life is recipe for an extremely successful experience! Great weather, invaluable local knowledge and amazing food are just the cherry on top!

    Daniela, UK - 2019
  • Wonderful break with a great crowd of people from all over the world. Feel really healthy and happy now.

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  • Just magic - I enjoyed every minute of the trip which was ten times better than anything I had imagined. Thanks to my fellow swimmers, our guides, the crew and the paradise that is Milos.

    Liz G, Australia - 2018
  • We thought our first SwimTrek holiday was the best ever, but this year's Milos Explorer surpassed it! Every day was an amazing swim and our guides, crew and fellow swimmers were all great fun. Can't wait until next year!

    Alix D, Australia - 2018
  • This trip is one for the memory bank. You will love the location, the swimming, the mix of challenges and fun. The guides were great and most of the people on the tour were return visitors. Can't wait to start planning my next SwimTrek adventure.

    Kerry O, Australia - 2018
  • Caves, swim-throughs and crystal clear water. Milos can't be beaten.

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  • If you are a novice swimmer like me and wondering if you should do Swimtrek, stop wondering - just do it.

    Mark G, Ireland - 2017
  • Milos Explorer surpassed all the expectations I held for it . It was far more than just a swimming holiday , it was a spiritual , holistic experience with lots of fun and exploration mixed in . I have returned from this holiday refreshed , feeling so well , so fit and so relaxed . What else can you ask for in a holiday ?

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  • A perfect way to spend a holiday! Great guides, awesome location, and many new friends.

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  • Best vacation I've ever had!

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  • I had a fantastic experience. The hotel was lovely, the swims were great and the scenery was spectacular. Our leaders Sian & Tas were well-organised, relaxed and entertaining. What more could you want?

    Richard V, Spain - 2017

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Our flexible booking conditions include a 14-day refund guarantee and free trip changes.
Terms and Conditions apply.