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Where To Swim If…

By Jack Hudson , 08 October, 2023

Some say swimmers are solitary creatures who sink happily into the subaqueous muffle of life with our ears submerged. Maybe there’s some truth to that, but one thing our trips have shown us these past 20 years is that swimmers also love to hit the chop in numbers!

Of course, there are all kinds of species of swimmer out there. Some of us get a kick from the cold and can’t wait for that next goose-pimpled spike of endorphins. Others prefer tropical meanders shared with turtles and reef fish, who escaped chillier swims long ago. Then there are those who charge into open water and paw towards faster times and longer distances. While others soak up every second and let thoughts wander as they drift in the arms of the briny.

'For each of you, with all your diverse needs and inclinations, we have a unique SwimTrek adventure...'

In short, you need a variety of locations, trip variations and coaching styles to cater for all those different swimmers who’ve taken the leap to open water. In this blog, we’re reaching out to those of you swim with something specific in mind. For each of you, with all your diverse needs and inclinations, we have a unique SwimTrek adventure.

Let’s take a closer look at ‘Where To Swim If…’:

You Want To Build Confidence

intro image

Open Water Development - Mallorca | Leaving From 3 June, 2024
  • Develop your existing base of open water skills with multiple open sea swims mixed with pool coaching sessions.

  • Take your open water swimming to the next level with the support of our expert SwimTrek coaches.

  • Combine skills gained from the pool and take them to the sea, along southern Mallorca’s bays and beaches, led by our safety escorts and guides

Introduction To Open Water - Mallorca | Leaving From 28 May, 2024
  • Gain confidence in the open water with this unique introductory swimming holiday on the island of Mallorca.

  • Familiarise yourself with important open water skills, tutored by our expert SwimTrek guides, as you make a smooth transition from pool to sea.

  • Improve your technique with one-to-one and group coaching sessions in the pool - dive into in-depth video analysis sessions in a purpose-built 50-metre Olympic pool.

You’re Training For Endurance

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Marathon Swim Camp - Croatia | Leaving From 4 May, 2024

  • Ideal preparation for any adventurous swimmers training for a 10km swim race, or another marathon swim event

  • Support and encouragement from world-class coaches with extensive marathon swimming backgrounds

  • Fantastic chance to meet like-minded participants in a wonderful training environment

Channel And Long Distance Training - Croatia | Leaving From 6 April, 2024

  • The perfect preparation for any long distance open water swim, particularly an English Channel solo crossing

  • Focused open water training, combined with in-depth video analysis of your technique delivered by world-class swim coaches with extensive backgrounds in endurance swimming

  • Explore the unique Croatian topography both above and below the Adriatic Sea

You Want To Find Shipwrecks

intro image

St Kitts & Nevis - The Caribbean | Leaving From 9 March, 2024

  • Enjoy an unforgettable swimming holiday in some of the clearest waters of the Caribbean

  • Explore the natural volcanic hot springs of the western coast

  • Swim across 'The Narrows', the channel which separates Nevis from St Kitts and is the site of many historic shipwrecks

The Maldives | Leaving From 16 March, 2024

  • Swim in some of the world's clearest waters and discover the incredible reefs that exist just below the surface

  • Take in the stunning array of marine life that the Maldives is so famous for, from sea turtles and eagle rays to some of the most colourful and exotic fish on the planet

  • Explore a spectacular old shipwreck before completing a near perfect semi-circle swim around the beautiful Giraa Falhu Reef

You Love Cold Water

intro image

Outer Hebrides - Scotland | Leaving From 21 July, 2024

  • Discover some of Scotland's most spectacular scenery as we traverse the 10 islands that make up the southern section of the Scottish Outer Hebrides

  • Complete a series of challenging crossings and coastal swims between and around the area's stunning islands. Then relax between swims on the beautiful Lady of Avenel tall ship, a 102-foot Brigantine square rigger - our home for the week

  • Enjoy delicious meals on the Lady of Avenel, all prepared by our very own on board chef. You can even try your hand at going up the rigging and crewing the ship yourself!

Isle Of Skye And The Small Isles | Leaving From 7 July, 2024

  • Explore the breathtaking scenery of Scotland's Isle of Skye and Small Isles on this once-in-a-lifetime liveaboard adventure!

  • Try your hand at crewing on a traditional tall ship - the majestic Lady of Avenel - allowing you to reach remote destinations and secluded swim spots in a unique and sustainable way

  • Enjoy plenty of time off the ship to take in the natural beauty and unique culture of this wild corner of the world, enjoying hikes across the hills and beaches

You Hate Cold Water

intro image

Palawan Paradise - Philippines | Leaving From 3 March, 2024

  • Explore the scattered islands and stunning seascapes of the Bacuit Archipelago, lying northwest of Palawan in the Philippines

  • Swim with a backdrop of limestone cliffs and karst formations, peering down at coral reefs and tropical wildlife in their natural habitat

  • Relax in the stunning Miniloc Island Resort, offering luxurious waterfront accommodation on the beach of a forested island

Virgin Islands - Caribbean | Leaving From 27 October, 2024

  • Escape for a hassle-free holiday in the tropical British Virgin Islands with cloudless blue skies, countless coral gardens and an irresistible tropical climate!

  • Swim the warm Caribbean waters and meet local aquatic wildlife, including the much-loved hawksbill turtle and shoals of reef fish

  • Discover far-flung tropical islands, like the protected national park of Prickly Pear, which is home to many wonderful birds, from mourning doves to blue-winged teals

You Love Wildlife

intro image

Galapagos Islands | Leaving From 6 January, 2024

  • Explore one of the world's most stunning natural environments and discover the incredible biodiversity of the Galapagos National Park and Galapagos Marine Reserve

  • Swim with sea lions, marine iguanas, sea turtles, manta rays and an incredible range of fish and other marine life

  • Complete a breathtaking swim in and around the iconic volcanic crater of Tortuga Island

Culebra Island - Puerto Rico | Leaving From 15 October, 2024

  • Escape to a tropical paradise and plunge into warm, blue-green waters, edged by white sand beaches

  • Share your swims with sea turtles and shoals of reef fish as you explore the local coral gardens and thread between more than 20 cays, which surround Culebra

  • More than 20% of Culebra Island is preserved by the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge – discover the abundance of marine life in this tropical paradise

You Need A European Summer

intro image

Greek Sporades - Greece | Leaving From 8 June, 2024

  • Swim in the stunning waters of Europe’s largest marine protected area - the ‘National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades’

  • Complete a unique island-hopping adventure between the islands of Alonissos, Agihos Georgios, Mikro and Skopelos

  • Discover the diverse range of marine life that exists in this part of the Aegean Sea, including the rare and endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal

Kornati Islands - Croatia | Leaving From 15 June, 2024

  • Take in a few of the 140 breathtaking islands of Kornati National Park with beautiful coastal swims and circumnavigations

  • Discover vivid underwater views and a wealth of caves, grottoes and otherworldly karstic scenery

  • Travel to remote swim spots and complete a full circumnavigation of the small islands of Brusnjak and Borovnik

You Live In The US

intro image

Baja Peninsula - Mexico | Leaving From 12 May, 2024

  • Swim the stunning Baja peninsula, alongside sea lions and other incredible marine life in warm, clear waters

  • Discover pristine beaches and isolated coves on the uninhabited island of Espiritu Santo - there's no light pollution, which makes for fantastic stargazing!

  • Camp in style in a UNESCO protected area of unspoilt natural beauty - a birder's paradise, which is home to blue-footed booby, frigate, cormorant, pelican, red tailed hawks, hummingbirds...

Big Island - Hawaii | Leaving From 27 April, 2024

  • Travel to the ‘Island of Discovery’ and explore the youngest and largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago

  • Uncover the secrets of volcanic coastlines and waters teeming with marine life, including the many friendly denizens of Kahalu’u Bay

  • Swim over coral reefs along the tropical Kona coast and explore a bay filled with spinner dolphins, making your way to the Captain Cook Monument

You’re An Aussie!

intro image

Shipwreck Coast - Bali | Leaving From 17 May, 2024

  • Travel to a volcanic paradise and discover some of the best tropical swimming Bali has to offer

  • Swim warm waters and explore a gorgeous jungle coastline, with coral gardens below water and shipwrecks to explore!

  • Relax in the evenings at the stunning Blue Earth Village with great company, delicious traditional cuisine and panoramic views over Jemeluk Bay and Mount Agung

Komodo National Park - Indonesia | Leaving From 17 June, 2024

  • Join us on a SwimTrek adventure with unforgettable swims in the heart of Indonesia's 'Coral Triangle'

  • Discover the awe-inspiring marine life that exists in this area, including the highest rates of both coral and coral fish diversity anywhere on the planet

  • Visit Komodo Island and come face-to-face with one of the world's most fascinating animals... the Komodo Dragon!

You’re A Yogi

intro image

YogaSwim Lake District | Leaving From 14 June, 2024

  • Get back to nature with a blend of freshwater lake and tarn swims, as well as restorative yoga sessions in Cumbria's iconic Lake District!

  • Hike on stunning fell walks, where the Lake Poets roamed, and seek out unforgettable local lake and tarn swim spots

  • Reset and stretch your open water skills with a group of like-minded lake swimmers and expert guides

YogaSwim Crete | Leaving From 16 June, 2024

  • Roam the sunlit coastlines and stunning waters of southernmost Europe. Dive into idyllic coastal swims as you explore the Greek island of Crete

  • Swim into isolated coves, bays and beaches before retiring to our base in the remote town of Chora Sfakion - at the heart of mountainous Sfakiá!

  • Combine your stunning swims with restorative yoga sessions, enhanced by the region’s natural tranquillity.

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