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Trip Diary

Greece: Location Spotlight

By Jack Hudson , 16 November, 2020

Mythical Ruins & Treasure-strewn Seas

Greece is a jewel of ancient history, and a land closely intertwined with the sea. Its sun-washed ruins perched on chalky coastlines, clear blue waters ruffled by dolphins and turtles, sand-ringed islands with pristine harbours and tiered cities vibrant with a unique culture make this a swimmer’s paradise.

For all its character and refinement, there’s no shortage of bold adventurers ready to leap into wreck diving, kitesurfing or rock-climbing. And swimming is always on the cards!

SwimTrek Greece - Cyclades

A classic SwimTrek destination, our swimming holidays in Greece vary from short coastal swims to full circumnavigations. We offer a variety of adventures around the very popular island of Crete, or the three Ionian islands of the quieter Marvo Oros Archipelago. Prepare for wonders old and new, above and below water – not to mention rare moments of boat and beach tranquillity when you’re not carving a path through the warm blue waters.

SwimTrek Greece - Cyclades Highlights


Explore the Cyclades Underwater: Dive beneath the waves and discover the tunnels, archways, caves and many submerged wonders of the Cyclades.

Swim Around an Archipelago: Complete three stunning circumnavigations around the islands of the Mavro Oros Archipelago.

Discover Europe's Largest Marine Protected Area: Enjoy the rare privilege of swimming the pristine waters of Europe’s largest marine protected area: National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades.

SwimTrek Greece - Cyclades 3

Dive Deep into the Cyclades

The Cyclades are a smattering of islands in the Aegean, scattered across the waters south east from mainland Greece. This SwimTrek Classic brings these islands to watery life with coastal swims and remote island-hopping excursions, seeking out the region’s most scenic natural features. You’ll have opportunities to dive down and discover submerged tunnels, arches and caves, as you get to know less churned waters, swimming and sailing over the grand Aegean, like Odysseus himself. You’ll also stay in the secluded island village of Schinoussa, surrounded by a scree-spotted patchwork of green hills and valley gardens, with the kind of sandy beaches swimmers sprint to.

We run a few different variations of Cyclades trips for Moderate and Leisurely swimmers.

7 Day Adventure with 5km days (Swim ability: Moderate)

7 Day Short Swims with 3km days (Swim ability: Leisurely)

Find out more about SwimTrek’s Cyclades Adventure

SwimTrek Greece - Ionian

Become an Ionian Explorer

The Mavro Oros Archipelago sits at ease in the slow wash of the Ionian Sea, just off the western coast of Greece. You’ll be based in the happily recumbent hillside town of Sivota – the perfect launching point for a swimming holiday in Greece. Before you head off to uncover the many secrets of the Ionian Sea. Our Ionian Explorer adventure includes a series of circumnavigations around the three islands that form the Mavro Oros Archipelago.

Along the way, you’ll weave through warm waters, skimming over caves and tunnels and many other curiosities rippling beneath you. The underwater topography is spectacular, with seams of marine life that flit and twist through the blue and catch shards of sunlight, making this an open water adventure for the ages. Your base in Sivota offers access to the region’s many glittering coves and beaches, as well as the islands of Mourtemeno, Agios Nikolaos and Mavro Oros, stretched between the mainland and the distant craggy figure of Corfu. You’ll have opportunities to actively seek out secret swims and to get creative, with cave, tunnel explorations and swim-throughs, joined by our friendly SwimTrek guides.

Find out more about SwimTrek’s Ionian Explorer

SwimTrek Greece - Crete

Sleep by the Sea in Crete

Our Crete adventure holidays whisk you to off one of the Mediterranean’s southernmost destinations. You’ll spend a week in the remote village and relaxed bustle of Porto Loutro – a charming secret kept quiet due to the quirk that it’s only reachable by boat, hiking or (of course) swimming. Your accommodation (the Hotel Porto Loutro on the Hill) sits perched in a prime location with modern and comfortable rooms and sea views for you to eye up your roaming ground, mere metres from the water’s edge. You’ll have chances to use video analysis to improve your stroke technique and plenty of time to practice, following the ribbons of gorgeous coastline that circle this well-known Greek island. Swim in the colossal presence of the White Mountain cliffs and get to know Crete’s dramatic coastline, as well as otherwise unseen secret coves, bays and beaches. This is a great way to get under the skin of Crete’s natural history and to learn more about an island with a rich history, traced back to the Minoan civilisation, who occupied the island way back in 3,650CE. We run a selection of immersive 7 day trip options to cater for all kinds of swim travellers:

7 Day Crete Discovery (Swim ability: Moderate)

7 Day Crete Short Swim Discovery with 3km swim days (Swim Ability: Leisurely) 7 Day Crete Discovery with Teens (Swim Ability: Moderate)

7 Day Crete Discovery with Teens (Swim Ability: Moderate)

7 Day YogaSwim with 3km swim days (Swim ability: Moderate)

Find out more about SwimTrek’s Crete adventures

SwimTrek Greece - Sporades 4

Sink into the Sporades

White sandy beaches. Turquoise seas. The isolated paradise of the Sporades won’t be quickly forgotten. In fact, the name roughly translates to ‘scattered’ and that gives you some idea of the far-flung variety you can expect from this Greek island experience. You’ll stay in stunning hillside accommodation at the 4-star Hotel Atrium. Enjoy sea views and unwind after a day in the water, getting up close to the archipelago and its chain of 24 islands, covered with dense vegetation and mountainous terrain – each one more distinct than the last, strewn along Greece’s eastern coast. During your adventure, you’ll have plenty of time to explore Europe’s largest marine protected area (2,260km2), the National Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades, while also island-hopping between Alonissos, Agihos Georgios, Mikro and Skopelos. Don’t forget to mingle with the resident marine life that populates the Aegean Sea, including (if you’re lucky!) the rare and endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal.

We lead a coastal and island-hopping holiday to beautiful and remote parts of the Sporades archipelago, cater for all types of swim travellers:

7 Day Sporades Island Hopping with 5km swim days (Swim ability: Moderate)

Find out more about SwimTrekkin’ in the Sporades

SwimTrek Greece - Milos

Meander Through Volcanic Milos

The volcanic coastline of Milos is an open water swimmer’s dream. Carved by vivid, deep Aegean waters that wash over the rocks and flow through sun-dappled networks of caves, tunnels and archways – a stunning underwater topography to explore, during coastal swims and once-in-a-lifetime crossings between both inhabited and uninhabited islands. When you’re not gliding through the warm water, you’ll have free time to relax and unwind on the SwimTrek yacht or on Milos’ white sand beaches. In short, you won’t be swimming so much you miss the rewards of a laid-back Greek island holiday. Milos and her speckled spread of island neighbours are characterised by imposing rock formations and sheer-sided coves. There’s enough natural beauty to rival any other Mediterranean paradise. It’s an open geological museum waiting for you to step in and explore its many cabinets of curiosities.

There are plenty of Milos trips for swimmers of all abilities, accompanied by our yacht:

7 Day Milos Short Swims with 3km swim days (Swim ability: Leisurely)

7 Day Milos Explorer with 5km swim days (Swim ability: Moderate)

7 Day Milos Long Swims with 8km swim days (Swim ability: Challenging)

Find out more about an adventure in Milos with SwimTrek

Greece trips are also available as tailor-made experiences, from just £315 per person, per day. Both date of travel and itinerary can be adjusted to suit your needs. Simply contact us on with your dates and group size and we’ll be in touch to put together the swimming experience of your dreams…

Head now to our full list of Greek swim holidays to find SwimTrek tours.

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