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Marlys Cappaert @marlys


United States


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Swim history before SwimTrek My mother’s requirements for ‘graduating from home’ included being able to swim. No family outing was without a stop at a lake, a waterfall, a rapid, or at the very least, a motel with a pool. I've been in the water ever since. I coach and swim with a US Master’s Team in Oregon. We’re always looking for open water adventures, currently on a long term quest to swim across all 200 large lakes in Oregon. My mother taught me well, no vacation is without an epic swim, such as Maui, Lake Tahoe, Alcatraz, and The Great Lakes. My first SwimTrek was in Greece and I knew then I wanted to be a guide. After subsequent trips to Croatia and BVI, I realized my dream and guided in Turkey. It was the best month of my life. It gives me tremendous pleasure to enable others to enjoy the magic of the open water. Locations guided on Turkey, Mallorca (10 km, Intro to Open Water, Open Water Coaching), Lithuania, Greece, Galapagos, River Canyons, Maldives, Oregon Cascade Lakes, St. Kitts/Nevis Most memorable swim moment My next swim. Top swimming tip Attention to core strength will promote good body position. A core-driven stroke will enable you to establish a strong relaxed rhythm in the water. Interesting fact about me I have two conjoined toes—webbed feet!

Marlys has been a guide on 91 previous trips

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