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Get the Best Flight Deals

Easy to follow guide to finding the best flight prices for your SwimTrek trip.

As SwimTrekkers come from all over the world, and join our swimming holidays in over 30 destinations, we don't currently offer flights as part of our SwimTrek packages.

We do however want to do as much as we can to ensure that our guests get the best deals when travelling to one of our destinations.

SwimTrek's tips to help you get the best deals for your flights

  1. Go incognito!
  2. You may have noticed that if you search for the same route on the same device and browser that your flight prices will increase rapidly. This is because the site will have understood that you are really keen on booking those flights and will therefore be able to convince you to buy for a higher rate.

    In order to get around this function you will need to make sure that every time you look for flight that you are doing so in incognito or private browsing mode. All internet browsers (the program you use to access the internet; Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc..) will have this ability. Make sure you close and reopen new incognito windows between each search.

  3. Use a Flight Comparison Site...
  4. There are so many of these sites on the web that will search hundreds of different airlines to give you the suggested cheapest prices to your desired destination.


    Often the comparison site with the cheapest deals and has a very easy to use interface. If you're not sure which SwimTrek destination is right for you then Skyscanner has the ability to perform an open ended search to inspire you to find affordable locations to suit your dates.

    Google Flights

    Google Flights has very good tracking alerts that are sent straight to your inbox daily. This means you can watch the price of flights on your desired dates for the best time to buy.


    If you want to compare prices with easy to add on and remove baggage options then Kayak is a great option to check for your travel.

  5. ... But don't forget to check directly with local airlines!
  6. Once you've spotted a deal that is sufficient for your travel plans it's always a good idea to check with that airline's website directly especially if they are a budget airline (Easyjet) or a charter (TUI). Furthermore smaller local airlines aren't always included on flight comparison sites so it's worth searching for the local airline of the country or area of your destination and checking that it isn't even cheaper to go with through their direct website.

  7. Flying from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, or The Netherlands?
  8. Jack's Flight Club is a spontaneous option as you can't specify when or where you want to fly. You can sign up for the basic or premium options and you'll be sent deals once or twice a week via email. Sometimes very cheap flights are available online due to an error by the website or the provider, Jack's Flight Deals finds these and let's their subscribers know it's time to book. A great option for SwimTrekkers ready to take the plunge at anytime, anywhere!

  9. Extend your trip to save
  10. If you're able to be flexible when you travel and you're willing to start your holiday early or stay after the swimming trip you could save from flying on a cheaper day. From the US flights tend to be cheaper on Monday, Tuesdays and Saturdays. From Europe it's likely you'll be able to save some money on your flights by flying on a weekday.

Good luck!

If you follow the tips above you should be able to the best possible deals for your SwimTrek trip then you can relax and wait to start your adventure!

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