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US: Seasonal Calendar 2022

By Jack Hudson , 06 June, 2022

SwimTrekkers come from all walks of life and parts of the world. In this feature, we've curated a selection of trips tailored for our US market, with swim-packed adventures from the North American wilderness to the more distant islands of Southeast Asia…

Just like our 2022: Seasonal Calendar these trips are set out across the calendar year and tailored for each season. There should be something for all swimmers in here, from the heady rush of an international race event to a more relaxing mixture of yoga and swimming on the volcanic coast of Indonesia.


This is your chance to swim a freshwater wilderness spanned by the Churchill River System in Canada's Saskatchewan province. Our Canadian Wilderness adventure was brought in as a SwimTrek Pioneer trip for anyone looking to swim in places few have ever been before you!

Into Wild Waters


Canadian Wilderness 31 July '22 From £2,650

Explore the Canadian wilderness as you meander down the Churchill River System in Canada’s remote Saskatchewan province. Roam an unspoilt wilderness with clear and relatively warm freshwater swims - some in moving riffles and others across open lakes. Expect to meet an array of exciting wildlife, including: eagles, osprey, beavers, otters and pelicans...

  • Become a SwimTrek Pioneer in the unexplored freshwater of Canada's Churchill River System

  • Meet local indigenous Cree Elders and discover the ancient traditions of this region

  • Ride a float plane over the boreal forest, visit white sand beaches and witness the raw power of surging river rapids

CAPTION Lowlight swim in Saskatchewan
Canadian Wilderness A float plane stop-off
Canadian Wilderness Drying off on the jetty


A Race To Remember


The Hellespont 28 August '22 From £710

The Hellespont and Dardanelles event is an iconic race - known as 'The World's Oldest Swim' due to its place in Greek mythology. Located close to dusty Trojan battlefields, this historic cross-continental swim from Europe to Asia places in a mass of proud Turkish swimmers. You won't forget the experience! It is an absolute must-do for open water swimmers from around the globe.

  • Bring the world's busiest shipping channel to a halt for one day and compete in the annual 'Victory Day' Hellespont swimming race at Canakkale, Turkey

  • Follow in the historical wakes of tragic hero Leander and poet Lord Byron, who imbued these waters with romance

  • Meet and swap stories with fellow open water swimmers from all over the world. Then relax and soak up the festivities of our popular post-race dinner/awards ceremony

CAPTION SwimTrekkers head to the start
Canadian Wilderness And they're off!
Canadian Wilderness Drone shot of the Hellespont ranks


Adventures In Bali

Based in the scenic village of Amed, our Bali adventures will introduce you to the volcanic north-eastern coast. Work with expert coaches and hone your technique in the 25-metre pool, learning from in-depth video analysis. Hang out at the world-class Blue Earth Village and discover the union of yoga and swimming. Then stretch out and roam freely in warm coral waters, where shipwrecks lie strewn in the murk.

Bali Escape 8 September '22 From £610

YogaSwim Bali 13 September '22 From £790

Introduction To Open Water, Bali 23 September '22 From £690

open water development Bali

Open Water Development, Bali 29 September '22 From £690

Ready to take your open water swimming to the next level? Do it in style with a coaching camp on the north-eastern coast of Bali. Perfect your swim technique, develop your open water confidence and gain endurance on the high seas. We run a unique programme of pool sessions with qualified coaches and adventurous sea swims, safely escorted by boats and kayaks.

  • Take your open water skills to the next level with unforgettable swims along Bali's tropical Karangasem Coast

  • Combine your training in the coastal waters and Blue Earth Village pool, with video analysis and expert advice from seasoned SwimTrek guides

  • Leap into warm waters and thread your way over hard and soft coral structures, bustling with marine life

CAPTION Sunset at the Blue Earth Village
Canadian Wilderness Open water practice - Bali style!
Canadian Wilderness Dusk at the Blue Earth Village


Paradise Found


Palawan Paradise 9 October '22 From £2,490

The province of Palawan, in the western Philippines, spans over a thousand islands and seascapes to rival any other region of Southeast Asia. At its centre is the Bacuit Archipelago, which features around 45 sculptured limestone outcrops surrounded by clear aquamarine waters and idyllic reefs. The islands themselves plunge abruptly into the sea - explore sea cliffs, lagoons, sinkholes and multiple swim throughs. Here you’ll find some of the best swimming opportunities in Asia!

  • Explore the scattered islands and stunning seascapes of the Bacuit Archipelago, lying northwest of Palawan

  • Swim with a backdrop of limestone cliffs and karst formations, peering down at coral reefs

  • Relax in the stunning Miniloc Island Resort, offering luxurious waterfront accommodation on the beach

CAPTION Scoping out open water from the resort
Canadian Wilderness The incredible Miniloc Island Resort pool
Palawan Paradise Your new home on the water!

Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam 7 October '22 From £890

Baja Peninsula, Mexico 9 October '22 From £1,790

Big Island, Hawaii 15 October '22 From £2,390

British Virgin Islands 30 October '22 From £3,210


Swim Among Shipwrecks

st kitts & nevis

St Kitts & Nevis 14 October '22 From £1,290

Join us on a Caribbean short escape to the unspoilt islands of St Kitts and Nevis. With volcanic landscapes, clear waters and white sands, this tiny island nation offers endless opportunities to explore the local bays, beaches and coastal shipwrecks.

  • Dive into the clearest waters of the Caribbean and journey across shipwreck-scattered 'Narrows'

  • Relax after each swim in the natural volcanic hot springs of the western coast

  • Use your free time to climb Nevis Peak and marvel at panoramic views over the Leeward Islands

kitts & nevis Setting off into tropical waters
kitts & nevis Local shark-fin islands
kitts & nevis Following the sunlit coastline


The Maldives | Sign up for 2023

With many coral atolls and well over a thousand palm-fringed islands - the Maldives are an open water swimmer's paradise. Swim under blue skies and feel the warm water as it washes and rolls over your shoulders. Then peer down at an array of coral and marine life, drawn to the edges of the Vaavu and South Malé atolls. This peaceful sanctuary will be your new home for eight days of swimming and cruising. From circumnavigations of local islands, to crossings between islets, you'll value every second spent in this stunning archipelago, which straddles the Equator.

  • Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime swimming escape to the breathtaking atolls and pristine beaches of the Maldives

  • Swim some of the world's clearest waters and discover untouched reefs below the surface

  • Marvel at those little lives the Maldives are so famous for: sea turtles, eagle rays and twisting shoals of exotic fish

The Maldives Swim among shipwrecks and reefs
The Maldives The clearest waters in the world!
The Maldives SwimTrekkers float in the azure

Galapagos Islands | Sign up for 2023

Belize Barrier Reef | Sign up for 2023

Cascade Lakes, Oregon | Sign up for 2023

Here Be Dragons!


Komodo National Park | Sign up for 2023

Finally, you won't want to miss this island-hopping adventure as we seek out the abundant marine life in and around Komodo National Park. This unique live-on-board swimming holiday represents SwimTrek at its pioneering best. Discover unforgettable swim routes at the heart of the Coral Triangle - home to six of the world’s seven marine turtles species, as well as 76% of the world’s coral reef species and 37% of the world’s coral fish species.

  • Join us in 2023 on an unmissable SwimTrek adventure at the heart of Indonesia's 'Coral Triangle'

  • Visit Komodo Island and come face-to-face with the eponymous Komodo Dragon in all its armoured glory

  • Relax onboard our stunning motor-yacht (called 'Oceanic') and hang out in comfortable rooms and large deck areas with like-minded swimmers

komodo Riding boats in a prehistoric setting
komodo Swimmer carves a path over the Komodo coral
komodo The Komodo Dragon!

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2024: Seasonal Swim Calendar

Following is our definitive selection of award-winning SwimTrek trips on sale for 2024 in 23 countries and over 50 locations around the world… What do you learn after 20 years as pioneers of a particular industry? One thing we know for sure is SwimTrekkers are the life and soul of our business....

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