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Top Five Paired Mediterranean Trips

By Jack Hudson , 23 June, 2021

The difficulties of travel, in the current Covid climate, means every break-out trip is extra special - our adventures need to count more then ever! One sure way to make your travel count is to combine two SwimTrek trips, extending your holiday in style with a pairing of two compatible locations. In this blog, we focus on the Mediterranean, picking out a selection of unbeatable combinations to bring you doubled-up swim experiences you won't forget!


5. Cyclades Hopping: Milos & Greek Cyclades (Schinoussa & Koufonissi)

Head to Milos for a breathtaking range of coastal swims and adventurous crossings, between both inhabited and uninhabited islands. Then double-up for your first trip of 2021 - after a short break, make your way out to laidback volcanic islands and turquoise waters in the Cyclades, surely home to some of the most scenic islands in the Mediterranean! Explore the unforgettable underwater topography: tunnels, arches and caves...

Itinerary Suggestion: Combine your time in Milos, during the 14–20 August trip, with a short break and longer stay in the Greek Cyclades, for the 28 August-3 September dates.


4. Italian Islands: Sardinia & Tremiti Islands

Head off to the Emerald Coast in Sardinia and try a few island-hopping swims between the three northern islands of Budelli, Santa Maria and Razzoli, criss-crossing around the Maddalena Archipelago. Still got the energy for another adventure? Look forward to spectacular sea swims among the Italian Tremiti Islands in the Adriatic Sea and discover the cave-scattered four-island-archipelago of San Nicola, San Domino, Caraia and Cretacio.

Itinerary Suggestion: Swim Sardinia's Emerald Coast for the dates of either 11-17 September or 18-24 September. Then fly overland to the Tremiti Islands for the 26 September-2 October or 3-9 October adventure.


3. Northern Croatia: Dalmatian Coast & Kornati Islands

Travel to the Dalmatian Coast and dive into coastal swims and crossings on an island-hopping adventure in the sun-baked Šibenik archipelago. Looking to extend your swimming holiday? Explore the Kornati Islands and soak up the unique landscapes of Kornati National Park with a variety of beautiful coastal swims and a full circumnavigation of the small island of Farfariculak!

Itinerary Suggestion: Take a combined swimming holiday in 2021 and travel from the Dalmatian Coast from 21-27 August to the islands of Kornati National Park for 28 August-3 September.


2. Balearic Islands: Mallorca Escape & Ibiza

Hit two of the four main Balearic Islands in one trip! Escape to Mallorca and swim the protected waters of the Migjorn Marine Reserve. Dive into Europe’s most striking natural archways at Es Pontas and marvel at Caló des Moro - an isolated 40-metre stretch of pristine white-sand beach. Then journey to Ibiza to explore the caves, tunnels and swim-throughs spread along the island's dramatic northern coastline. Swim under cathedral-like towers at Xamena and plunge into the natural tunnels of Murada Island.

Itinerary Suggestion: Make your travel count in 2021 with a Mallorca Escape from 29 September-2 October and take a leisurely trip over to the party island of Ibiza for 9 October-15 October.

lycian way

1. Turkish North to South: Hellespont & Lycian Way

Compete in the annual 'Victory Day' Hellespont race in Canakkale. Weave your way across the world’s busiest shipping lane (closed for race day) and follow the historical wakes of Leander and Lord Byron. After that, travel South to the idyllic seaside village of Kaş. Get ready to swim alongside the Lycian Way (it stretches 509 kilometres from Fethiye to Antalya) in some of the clearest waters in the Mediterranean, off Turkey's Turquoise Coast. Discover the historic city of Aperlai, including sea-facing ruins found above and beneath the water. You can also explore incredible submerged caves, tunnels and arches! and bays as we complete a range of beautiful coastal swims and challenging crossings

Itinerary Suggestion: In 2021, you can head from northern to southern Turkey - Canakkale to Kaş - take on the Hellespont from 28 August-31 August before spending 7 days on the Turquoise Coast, along the Lycian Way, from 6 September-12 September.

Choose the dates that suit you and create your own unique paired trips in Mediterranean waters...

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