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Your complete guide to solo SwimTrek adventures

How do we cater for solo travellers?

Many SwimTrekkers join our trips solo and end up making lifelong connections with others who share a love for good food, stunning wildlife and the open water. A limited number of single supplement rooms are available on most of our trips. However, it’s also possible to book a ‘Roommate Share’ room. That means we match you up with a fellow SwimTrekker of the same gender to share a twin room and pair up for the adventure (subject to availability).

What to expect on your solo adventure?

Of course, it can be daunting when you book that long-awaited swimming holiday, with such a range of locations to choose from. “Do I want the warm Mediterranean waters of the Greek Cyclades?" "Or, am I ready for a more challenging adventure in the rugged fingers of Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula?”

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Sometimes, dates don’t match up with friends, or you might not know any other outdoor swimmers in your area. Then another concern might spring suddenly to mind: “Who should I go with?” To which many SwimTrekkers often reply with the single-handed assurance that they’re more than happy to go it alone.

For various reasons, solo travellers are drawn to the friendly atmosphere and shared interests of our various SwimTrek pods. The truth is there’s no such thing as a solo SwimTrek. On every trip, you’ll holiday with a bunch of like-minded swimmers all looking for the same thing. Good news for solo travellers since we all know the best adventures are shared!

With over 40 destinations around the world and more guests hitting the open water than ever before – there’s never been a better time to come swim the world with us. Wherever you go, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you'll meet fellow solo travellers, and you’ll always leave with new friends!

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"How was your solo adventure?"

Still not totally sold on the idea of going solo? Take a look at what these SwimTrekkers had to say about their own solo experiences over the years:

1. Aedín C. on a solo trip to the Galapagos Islands

“I opted to celebrate a “big” birthday as a solo SwimTrekker in the Galápagos last year. Why? Because I knew I would meet a group of fabulous people who would make the week (and not just a day) special. And yes, we had a ball!”

Why It Works

  • The Galapagos Islands are one destination you can rest assured you'll never be alone in the open water. There are so many different species of wildlife out there in the Galapagos Marine Reserve. Prepare to meet sea lions, manta rays, exotic fish and marine iguanas! Not to mention a bunch of fun-loving SwimTrekkers who share in taking in these natural wonders with you.

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2. Joe A. on a solo trip to the Greek Sporades

“Swimmers, in general, are friendly, outgoing people. I've done two SwimTreks solo, and it's noteworthy in how as little as six days you can become close with people (mostly from other countries) you've never met before. Following my first SwimTrek in Turkey, I wound up travelling for a week in Greece with a fellow solo group member. For the Turkish Lycian Way swim, I spent the week before in Istanbul (mesmerizing) and the week after traversing a few Greek islands.”

Why It Works

  • The Greek Sporades is very popular among SwimTrekkers - these trips always fill up fast! Enjoy being part of a large pod as you roam the 'National Marine Park of Alonissos', which is the largest marine protected area in Europe. It's the perfect setting to break the ice (metaphorically, of course - the waters are warm!) and make new friends as you island-hop between Alonissos, Agihos Georgios, Mikro and Skopelos.

sporades 2 sporades 3

3. Miriam Z. on a solo trip to... anywhere!

“I don't know anyone else who would come with me and I have mostly always travelled solo. I've made new friends, pushed boundaries, learnt a lot about both myself and my swimming technique, and spent time exploring new cities solo ahead of SwimTreks. Off on my sixth this summer!”

Why It Works

  • All our SwimTreks are suited for independent travellers and those who arrive solo, with the intention of making new friends and forming bonds within their group. We operate all our trips with a sense of openness and in the spirit of sharing this unique and exciting hobby we all have in common!


We hope this helps to remind you that a solo SwimTrek experience doesn't have to be daunting! You'll find so many great opportunities to make friends over post-swim meals and in the heady grip of open water. The freedom of solo travel is fully realised on a SwimTrek trip as well. You can participate as much, or as little, as you like. Our seasoned guides double as master storytellers, safety escorts and advisors. So, you'll never feel alone when you swim the world with us!

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