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How to choose the swimming holiday for you

If you’re anything like us, the idea of spending uninterrupted time where we can enjoy swimming and discover some incredible destinations sounds like heaven. SwimTrek runs over 50 different trips across the world so we understand if you’re unsure as to which SwimTrek trip is the next trip for you. We’ve put together our best tips for selecting the best swimming trip for you, whatever you’re looking for.

Decide on your distances

Whether you’re a long-distance lover or prefer short routes, SwimTrek has a variety of distances to pick from on its swimming holidays. Each of our trips has a daily average distance that we expect to swim in a day and is a good indicator of the amount of swimming you can expect on each trip. Our specifically tailored long and short swims are designed to cater for those who are particularly looking for either a longer short swims holiday and run in several of our most popular locations include the Greek Cyclades, Milos and Montenegro. Outside of our specifically tailored long swims trip, some areas we find are best explored in either short bursts or longer treks, like our Lakes and Tarns Weekender and Baja Peninsula - Mexico trips respectively. If you’re looking for a trip with average swim distances, our Red Sea Liveaboard - Egypt, Crete Discovery and the Kornati Islands - Croatia trips are just a few great examples of this.

Swimming holidays with under 2.5km daily average swims

Swimming holidays with 2.5-5km daily average swims

Swimming holidays with 5-6km daily average swims

Swimming holidays with 6km + daily average swims

What’s the water type for you?

Do you love the fresh water feeling of swimming in a lake? Does nothing beat the salty taste of the sea on your tongue? Do you perhaps like to swim in a [mix of different water types](? At SwimTrek we love to include a variety of different water types on our trips and we know there are swimmers across the world who all love this variety too. Many of our trips are based in the sea and if this is the kind of trip for you, our Ionian Explorer - Greece, Tremiti Islands – Italy and Lan Ha Bay – Vietnam trips are all great choices. If you’re interested in lake and river swimming, why not try out or Arizona Canyons trip, where we’ll swim through the winding rivers of the Tonto national forest or try the Lake Bled and the Slovenian Alps trip, where we’ll explore the iconic Lake Bled and other lakes around Slovenia and Italy. It is certainly also worth bearing in mind the temperature of the water that you can expect on a trip, as individuals tolerance to different water temperatures can vary and this may impact your enjoyment of the trip. All of SwimTrek’s swimming holidays indicate the average water temperatures you can expect on them and you can also search by water temperature on our website.

Sea swimming holidays

Lake swimming holidays

River swimming holidays

Swimming holidays 16 - 22 °C

Swimming holidays 22 - 27 °C

How long are you looking to get away for?

Are you looking for that real bucket list week long adventure, or perhaps you fancy a day trip or long weekend break? SwimTrek trips range from one to eight days and are the prefect way to get some incredible swims, however much time you have. From a morning crossing Scotland’s Gulf of Corryvreckan to a week-long adventure exploring the Komodo National Park in Indonesia, make the most of your holiday time and take the swim holiday for you.

One day swimming trips

2-3 day swimming trips

4-5 day swimming trips

6-7 day swimming trips

8 day swimming trips

Pick your favourite location

Greece? Croatia? Ecuador? Vietnam? Lithuania? Yep, SwimTrek has a swimming holiday there. We run swimming holidays in over 20 countries all across the world in 5 continents. From the warmth of the Mediterranean, to the Galapagos islands in South America and the Indian Ocean’s Seychelles and the Maldives, there is a huge variety of locations you can travel to. When choosing your trip, think about what kind of country do you want to visit; are you looking for somewhere warm on a beach? Do you prefer inland waters and swimming in the countryside and through forests? Would you like to extend your trip after, or possibly even take another SwimTrek trip? Several of our trips work well as combination trips, such as our Lycian Way and Bosphorus race trips in Turkey and the Dalmatian Coast and the Kornati Islands in Croatia. And whether you’re looking to travel long or short haul from where you live, as our swimming holidays run all over the world, we can help you find it whether its just down the road from you or the other side of the planet! Swimming holidays in Europe

Swimming holidays in the British Isles

Swimming holidays in Caribbean

Swimming holidays in North America

Swimming holidays in Southeast Asia

What are you looking to get out of your swimming holiday?

A great question to ask yourself is ‘What is the purpose of my trip?’ Are you looking to train for an event, test yourself with a challenging route or race or simply enjoy a carefree swimming holiday? SwimTrek runs everything from event races, to island hopping trips to liveaboard adventures in some of the most remote parts of the world, with what you’ll get out of the trip varying quite significantly between each trip type. Our handy SwimTrek Trip Types Explained guide is a great place to look at what each of our trips can offer you side by side.

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