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Tasmin Powell @tasmin_powell



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Swim history before SwimTrek I started swimming in the sea with the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club (JLDSC) at 8 years old, gradually spending more and more time in the sea around the stunning beaches of Jersey. My first taste of open water swimming came at 12 swimming around Jersey in a relay, then moving onto a solo swim 3 years later. In between I also swam Lake Coniston and the English Channel in another relay. The next couple of years was spent crewing for a number of English Channel swims, including a successful double Channel, round Jersey and Jersey to France swims, spending a lot of time in a kayak. Then in 2015 I also swam from Jersey to France, with what appeared to be half the worlds population of jellyfish standing between me and the French beach. Most memorable swim moment My most memorable moment has to be during a particularly tough hour of my Jersey to France swim one of my crew fell spectacularly into the water while handing me a new set of goggles. Top swimming tip My top tip, having taught children to swim, take it back to basics, if you’re not blowing bubbles you’re not breathing right. Interesting fact I have a Fine Art Degree and love to knit and crochet.

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