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Eoin Gleeson @eoin_gleeson



SwimTrek Miles


Swim history before SwimTrek Ennis Swimming and Lifesaving Club, Clare Surf-Lifesaving Club, National Surf-Lifesaving Squad/Team, Swim Teacher, Assistant Lifesaving Instructor, Pool Lifeguard, Beach Lifeguard, IRB Crew/Coxain, and Dingy sailing. Most memorable swim moment Hard to choose one. One of my first memories that stand out, would be swimming in the ocean with my whole family including cousins, aunts and uncles. We found a small secluded bay in the Burren a karst limestone area, just before Fanore. It was limestone rock right up to the water and limestone hills behind us. We parked on the side of the road and once we all got in with our wetsuits, snorkels and masks equipped, a lone dolphin appeared. As a child I still have this memory of diving down and coming face to face with this huge animal. She came right in and circled around us gently showing affection in a playful manner. We named it Mara. But the dolphin is now known to people as Dusky. She was a lone dolphin residing in a few bays close by. We re-visited a number of times, but that first encounter will stay with me. Top swimming tip If feeling tired, slow your stroke cycle and increase the length of pull by stretching arms slightly followed by a push all the way past your bum. Relax on the effort, glide through the water and enjoy whats around. Interesting fact The earth's surface is covered by roughly 70% of ocean. We as humans we have only explored or seen 5% of these vast expanses of water. Let's get exploring!

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