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Trip Diary

Spain: Location Spotlight

By Jack Hudson , 04 February, 2021

A fiesta for waterborne rebels and masters of relaxation

In a word, Spain is passion – it serves up a smorgasbord of sun-dressed natural treasures and a fiesta for swimmers fast and steady. And there’s no shortage of wonder either, from the snowy heights of the Pyrenees, to the Sierra Nevada and the arid plains of Andalucía. While wilder seas rage on the Atlantic northwest, there are many coves and sleepy spots in the warm Mediterranean, which invite the artful marriage of swims and siestas. Rebels are everywhere and a legacy of creative flair still thrums in a country raised on Dali and Picasso and touched by an artistic joie di vivre that ripples from coast to coast. It’s hard not to fall in love with it all – the clay-roofed lookouts perched on hilltops, charming vestiges of Old Spain, traditional homegrown food, enough good wine to invigorate the soul and sensual flamenco music.

SwimTrek have nurtured strong roots in Mallorca and Ibiza, where we host swim tours for all abilities and experience levels. Our swimming holidays and coaching camps in Spain cater for a wide range of interests and travelling styles. You can unwind or let loose: sink your strokes into meandering exploration (winding along Ibiza’s Hidden Coast) or join other aspiring marathon swimmers in unforgettable training camps, like our 10 km Marathon Swim Camp in Mallorca.

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  • Experience swimming the stunning waters of the Migjorn Marine Reserve
  • Treat yourself to the ultimate post-swim recovery at the 5-star Blau Porto Petro spa and resort
  • Put yourself to the test with our Ultra difficulty training camp in Mallorca, supported by expert guidance, support and analysis

spain migjorn reserve

Brave the Spanish seas

First-timers are well cared for as they take to the Spanish seas. There are numerous special perks included in each of our trip itineraries. Our Introduction to Open Water allows newcomers to open water swimming to enjoy one-to-one and group coaching sessions. While those looking for Open Water Development can also combine their skills gained in the pool with ranging exploration, backed by experienced safety escorts. What’s more, all our SwimTrekkers can delve into in-depth video analysis in a purpose-built Olympic pool, replete with underwater viewing area.

Find out more about open water adventures in Mallorca

spain endurance

Thread between the rugged fingers of Mallorca and Ibiza

If a short break or luxury swimming holiday is more your kind of pace, we have lined-up our classic Mallorca Escape in the protected waters of the Migjorn Marine Reserve. There you’ll have plenty of chances to swim free and stretch out into the water waters that lap against Spain’s Balearic Islands. Alternatively, we give you a special chance to swim over turquoise depths and marine life, scrambling through caves and tunnels, uncovering the dramatic features of Ibiza’s Hidden Coast.

Find out more about Ibiza’s Hidden Coast

spain open water

Channel the verve of Spanish resistance

Sometimes the best holidays involve an element of endurance – challenges that present you with difficulties and personal tests that make those moments of rest and relaxation all the sweeter. We run a few different variations of long distance swimming holidays in Spain. First up is our 8 km a day, Ultra Training Camp, to get you primed and ready to take on the Channel and other longer distance endurance swims. Then we have an additional Endurance Training Camp, which is listed as Challenging and includes everything from group seminars and video analysis, to open water coastal swims and non-stop safety support.

Find out more about Long Distance and Endurance Training Camps with SwimTrek

spain marathon

Become a Marathon Swimmer

Finally, we have a string of challenging days swimming up to 7 km, supported by world-class coaches with extensive marathon swimming backgrounds, during our unique Full Marathon Camp, where you’ll be buoyed by the glittering waters of Mallorca.

Find out more about our 10km SwimTrek Marathon Camp

spain channel

Fresh From SwimTrek HQ

Thomas (Head of Marketing): "Mallorca’s a fantastic location for developing your open water swimming skills. The swimming and coastline are varied, which means that whether you’re a beginner or someone looking to take on a challenge swim, there’s something for you. And with the mix of pool and open water sessions, you really get to focus on your technique and then apply what you’ve learnt immediately. It’s amazing to see the rapid progress of everyone who joins us on our Introduction to Open Water coaching camp. From the first day where often there’s a lot of nerves around swimming just a hundred metres in the open water, to the confidence to swim several kilometres in the open water just a few days later! I was lucky enough to join one of the coaching camps here in 2019, and I saw immediate improvements to my technique and endurance, and achieved a personal best 6 km swim the week after the camp ended!"

If you’d like to learn more about each of our Spanish trips, including dates of travel, required kit lists and further itinerary information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Our team of seasoned swim specialists will be happy to help you!

Head now to our full list of European swim holidays to find more unforgettable SwimTrek trips. Sign up to the SwimTrek Newsletter and be the first to know about next adventure!


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