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Trip Diary

Milos: Photo Diary, 2021

By Jack Hudson , 12 August, 2021

So, you're thinking of travelling to Milos?

You've certainly chosen a unique location. Volcanic Milos is an open geological museum. It sits wrapped around a central caldera, edged by smooth shelving that slides dramatically into turquoise waters. Swim with a backdrop of surreal rock formations and white stacks. Then dive down to discover stunning underwater topography, with arches, caves and tunnels - the stuff of freediving dreams!

It was also here that the stunning Venus de Milo statue was rediscovered in 1820 - now safely tucked away in the Louvre. There are more beaches on Milos than any other Cycladic island (many are only reachable by boat). A smattering of idyllic coastal towns and villages are found here too, along with enough incredible swim spots to make staying dry something of a local anathema.

'Volcanic Milos sits wrapped around a central caldera...'

Rich in minerals and natural beauty, Milos is a unique and popular SwimTrek destination. It's the perfect place for us to start for our first Photo Diary since travel restrictions eased, during the Covid pandemic. We're delighted to say that our first waves of SwimTrekkers have already finished a few of our Milos Explorer trips! And it's safe to say the sunlit photos we've been getting back are a happy reminder of all the wonder on offer out there - more evidence of the much-anticipated value of a good swimming holiday. Expect yachts, tunnel exploring, group dives and the kind of irresistible Aegean seawater we've all been waiting for.


Check out this incredible video from SwimTrekker Andrew Cole - shot during our Milos Explorer adventure!

Milos 2021

Milos One bold SwimTrekker breaks out into sunlit open water

Milos2 A tight squeeze - one of the many secrets of Milos topography at water level

Milos3 Wave! Oh, it's good to see swimmers back in the Aegean!

Milos4 SwimTrekkers finally get to scrawl their memories in the sand

Milos5 Diving down into the vivid blue waters of the Aegean Sea

Milos6 Taking a moment with our SwimTrek guide to play with group floating techniques

Milos7 SwimTrek's yacht rocks in the background, while swimmers float through one of the famous Milos archways

Milos8 Happy SwimTrekkers strike a pose on one of the more secluded local beaches

Milos9 The SwimTrek yacht flanked by the sheer chalky cliffs of Milos

Feeling inspired? Ready to become a Milos Explorer this summer? Book your tickets here!


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