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Keith Willox @keith_willox



SwimTrek Miles


Swim history before Swim Trek: During a 30 year career as a Wing Commander in the RAF I was able to swim in some interesting locations from the Falkland Islands to Baghdad. I was part of the RAF’s Channel Swim Squad that set records for swimming from Belgium to England. Gibraltar to Morocco and round-Jersey. I also promoted and organised the Inter Services Open Water Competition at Lake Bala for the RN, Army and RAF for 20 years. Most memorable swim moment Swimming with penguins on Christmas Day in the Falkland Islands. Chilly but exciting. Top swimming tip When swimming in the sea for more than 20 minutes always grease up to prevent chaffing. Keep your goggles spotlessly clean with a drop of detergent to prevent fogging. Never confuse the two! Interesting fact I was born and brought up in Zambia where I learnt to swim before I could walk.

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