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The SwimTrek Channel Is Back!

By Jack Hudson , 24 May, 2022

For any followers of our social channels, we hope you've been enjoying some of the fresh videos we've put out these past two years, including fantastic SwimTrekker Trip Diaries (check out Andrew Cole in Milos), which we're always delighted to receive from you!

Now, we thought it was finally time to get our SwimTrek channel back up and running. You can look forward to an upwelling spring of new content over the coming months. Expect Promos, Interviews, Trip Diaries, News, Launches and Q&As as well. If that doesn't get you ready and hunched at the starting block, here's a selection of our favourite recent uploads and the new Channel Trailer we just put out as we dive back into the cat-video-strewn depths of YouTube.

Swim The World With Us | Channel Trailer

Welcome to the SwimTrek channel! If you don't know us already - we've been award-winning pioneers of swimming holidays for the past 19 years. Now, we're diving into over 40 locations worldwide like never before. Roam the world's lakes, rivers, lochs and seas with us. Travel under the tutorage of expert guides and seasoned safety escorts, accompanied by friendly pods of like-minded SwimTrekkers.


Lake Bled, Slovenia | SwimTrek Trip Diary

Watch a freshwater swimming holiday in Slovenia and discover why the country is described as one of Europe's most valuable blue-green gems. Swim in the emerald waters of Lake Bled and the shimmering current of Soca River. Then hike the lakeside trails and take in the stunning scenery of Triglav National Park on this unforgettable short escape:


Malta Escape | SwimTrek Trip Diary

Follow a classic SwimTrek swimming escape in Malta! Leap into clear seas and discover stunning underwater vistas. Here you'll find some of the best swimming the Mediterranean has to offer, with secret coves and caves tucked away along the Gozitan coastline:


Baja Peninsula | SwimTrek Trip Diary

Explore an island paradise washed by clear waters, filled with incredible marine life and coloured by sunsets on this unique and unforgettable swimming holiday in Baja, Mexico. Water temperatures rise up to around 26C and Mexico’s natural wonders abound in this UNESCO-protected Marine Reserve:


Hellespont (Oldest Swim in the World) | SwimTrek Trip Diary

It’s been said that you can’t call yourself a true open water swimmer until you’ve completed this historic cross-continental swim from Europe to Asia in Turkey. From the challenge of the swim itself to the region’s incredible history - this event is a must-do for open water swimmers from around the globe. Join us for this legendary Hellespont swim across the Dardanelles strait - one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, which closes for the annual ‘Victory Day’ race:


To keep ahead of what's coming up, subscribe to our SwimTrek YouTube Channel!


Sustainable Travel: Catherine McKenna Interview

This week, we’ve launched our first trial episode of a new series we’re calling: ‘SwimTrekkers'. In the coming months, so long as this kind of content speaks to you, we’ll be reaching out to more of the fascinating individuals who’ve joined us on trips around the world, since we started out...

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