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SwimTrekkers Triumph in Hellespont 2018

By Olivia Weatherill , 27 September, 2018

The Hellespont race is over for another year and what another incredible event we’ve had. With 75 SwimTrekkers representing 15 countries, this was truly an international affair. Our swimmers are a talented bunch though and many of our guests made the podium in respective age categories. Check out the SwimTrek winners below!

Hellspont Team 2018


Wild Swim Bros Hellespont

Women's SwimTrek Medallists

Womens 30-34 years

1st Amy Noakes (Australia) 2nd Laura Gibbons (UK) 3rd Dee Newell (Ireland)

Womens 35-39 years

2nd Victoria Barrett (UK)

Womens 40-44 years

2nd Vicky Credland (UK)

Womens 50-54 years

1st Julia Slotwinski (UK) 3rd Taylor Ward (USA)

Womens 55-59 years

1st Barbara Woodward (UK) 3rd Vicky Tinsley (UK)

Womens 60-64 years

1st Briony Fane (USA) 3rd Sheila Fitzgerald (USA)

Hellespont Medalists

Hellespont Medallist 2

Hellespont Medals

Men's SwimTrek Medallists

Mens 30-34 years

2nd Jack Pittard (UK)

Mens 40-44 years

2nd Robert Strachan (Australia)

Mens 50-54 years

2nd Martin Boettcher (Germany) 3rd Stephen Strachan (Australia)

Mens 60-64 years

1st Phillip Noakes (Australia) 3rd Rainer Muller-Jokel (Germany)

Mens 65-69 years

1st Kalli Nottrodt (Germany) 3rd Peter Nottrodt (Germany)

Hellspont Medals 2

Hellespont Medals 3

Hellespont Medals 4

Congratulations to those Swimtrek guests who medalled and to all participants in the Hellespont. We hope to see many more of you at the 2019 event event too!

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