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SwimTrek HQ

Swimming Kit: Summer Buyer’s Guide

By Natasha Haim , 19 April, 2024

We spend most of our time at SwimTrek HQ finding you the best open water adventures in locations around the world. When we’re not spinning globes, we also keep a look-out for the latest swimming kit to enhance your experiences in the water...

This year, we’re excited to partner with some of the most exciting and innovative brands in our industry. From prescription goggles to bone-conducting headsets, we’ve sought out products that inspire us, joining forces with the teams that brought them to market.

Let’s explore a round-up of the swimming kit that’s landed at our SwimTrek Shop. We’ll also offer a sneak peak at what’s coming soon...



As part of SwimTrek’s mission to minimise our impact on the environments we enter as swimmers, we’ve partnered with the folks behind Ocean Lube’s anti-chaffing cream. This is an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum jelly, which is now being used and promoted by all of our guides in over 50 locations around the world. You can order Ocean Lube from our SwimTrek Shop today.

  • Made from organic plant-based ingredients.

  • Comes in an 100g size – the perfect companion for your next swimming adventure.


SWANS Prescription Goggles


Looking to have 20/20 vision in the water as well as on land? You’ll be delighted to hear about SWANS range of prescription goggles, available in our SwimTrek Shop online.

  • Available in a range of different models and styles.

  • Prescription goggles available for short- and long-sighted swimmers.

  • Each goggle is made using your prescription, so they are tailored to your needs.


Zoggs Wetsuits


Zoggs are propelled by their dedication to ‘help more people swim more often, ​and in more places’.

  • Zoggs offer open water and triathlon specific wetsuits, recognising swimmers with different needs. They also cater for three levels within their two ranges. That means you’ll have plenty of features to choose from, honing everything from flexibility to buoyancy.

  • Customisable cuff lengths: Arm and leg lengths of Zoggs suits are customizable and can be trimmed to size with tear resistant materials.

  • The neoprene is ecofriendly.


Zygo Z2 Headsets

Last of our picks for this year, Zygo are getting ready to launch a new and improved version of their innovative bone-conducting swimming headsets. The Zygo Z2 represents the next step in their aquatic evolution for swimmers with varying needs. They’ll be available to purchase very soon in the US. You can look forward to:

  • No more standalone transmitter. Zygo has incorporated the transmission functionality into the case and thereby achieved 4x the range.

  • 3-hour battery life.

  • The case has a built-in battery to charge the headset (like the AirPods case) without needing to reach for a plug.

  • Improved audio quality.

  • Lap counting via the Zygo app. A swimmer's immediate lap count is visible in the free version. Subscribers can save this data to create a record over time and engage in leaderboards within the Zygo community. You will also be able to access their class content and walkie talkie feature for live one-way communication.

  • The introduction of a buffering algorithm to avoid cutouts during flip turns.

  • 1-year warranty.


Zygo Z2 Headsets

If you ever find yourself on the Brighton beachfront, please don’t hesitate to drop by and see us at the poolside SwimTrek Shop.


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