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Guest Blog

THEMAGIC5: Preparation and Gear Tips

By Jack Hudson , 19 July, 2023

We asked THEMAGIC5 for some of their top tips for open water preparation and which gear works best when you hit your local seas, lakes and rivers...

THEMAGIC5 was first revealed to the public on Shark Tank when they entered the TV studio, won over the eagle-eyed investors and left with a big deal.

Since then, the three friends from Denmark, Bo, Niklas and Rasmus, have effectively reinvented the swimming goggle. Their designs use optimal fitting technology from a 3D scan to fit the exact contours of your face, ensuring each specially-made pair is comfortable, without leaking or leaving us with those panda-eyed marks we all know so well.

Since they started in Denmark, THEMAGIC5 has carved out its own path as an influential swimming brand and are now selling globally, propelled by Bo's skill in software development, Niklas' years as a professional swimmer for the Danish National team and Rasmus' start-up experience and eye for branding - helped at the outset by Sonnichsen design to develop their first revolutionary designs.

Here's what THEMAGIC5 team had to say when we asked them to share a little advice for open water preparation with our community:

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THEMAGIC5: The planet is covered by over 70% water, and a huge chunk of this is open water — seas, lakes, and oceans that are not only ripe for exploration but also offer an entirely different kind of adventure: open water swimming. For many, open water swimming is more than just a sport—it's a lifestyle and a unique way to experience the world's most stunning aquatic environments.

However, open water swimming isn't something you just dive into unprepared. It requires some groundwork to ensure you're ready for the challenge physically and mentally, and that you have the right gear to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience.

1. Training and Conditioning

Open water swimming is a step up from pool swimming. The lack of lane lines, the presence of currents, and the great expanse of water require a higher level of fitness and swimming skills. Before embarking on an open water swim adventure, make sure to work on your swimming endurance in a pool.

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2. Acclimatizing to Open Water

Pool swimming and open water swimming are two different beasts. It's essential to get comfortable with the open water environment. Start by doing short swims close to the shore and gradually build up your distance as you gain confidence. Swimming groups or joining open water swimming holidays like SwimTrek can provide a safe and supportive environment for beginners.

3. Safety First

Safety should be your primary concern. Always check local guidelines and weather conditions, and never swim alone. Consider taking a safety buoy with you, especially for longer swims. It's not only a safety tool but also a way for boats and other water users to spot you easily. Check World Open Water Swimming Association for more safety guidelines.

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4. The Right Gear

Choosing the right gear can significantly enhance your open water swimming experience. One essential piece of equipment is your swimming goggles. Your goggles are your windows to the underwater world and are crucial for navigation and enjoyment. For the best experience, you need goggles that offer great visibility, comfort, and fit.

'Remember why you're doing this: to explore the world through a different lens. Enjoy the experience, soak in the sights around you, and immerse yourself in the adventure that open water swimming brings...'

With goggles being such a crucial piece of kit, it's worth investing in a quality pair. For example, TheMagic5 offers custom-fitted goggles that are tailored to the shape of your face, providing unparalleled comfort and fit. They also have a variety of lenses suitable for different open water conditions—clear for low light conditions, mirrored or smoked for sunny conditions, and polarized for reducing glare and surface reflection.

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5. Embrace the Adventure

Finally, remember why you're doing this: to explore the world through a different lens. Enjoy the experience, soak in the sights around you, and immerse yourself in the adventure that open water swimming brings.

Embarking on an open water swimming journey is an exciting venture that combines sport, adventure, and the joy of exploring the world's beautiful aquatic environments. With the right preparation and gear, you'll be ready to make a splash in the world of open water swimming.

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