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Around the SwimTrek World in 18 Sunsets

By Olivia Weatherill , 15 August, 2019

We’ve been running swimming holidays around the world for years and so we’ve certainly seen our share of impressive sunsets in all corners of the globe. Here’s a few of our favourite views from around the SwimTrek world.

Arizona.JPG The golden light of the setting sun on the Saguaro ranch in Arizona is a special sight to see.

Baja sunset.JPG On our Baja trip, we are based on the remote island of Espirtu Santo, which gives a fantastic view to watch the sky light up at night.

Bvi.JPG In the British Virgin Islands, you can chill out on the beach with panoramic views out over the rest of the archipelago.

Cornwall IMG_3327.JPG The southern coast of Cornwall features some of the prettiest landscapes in the British Isles, and also some of the prettiest sunsets.

dalmatian coast 20170822croatia300.jpg The wide bay at Prvic Luka in Croatia gives panoramic views out over the Dalmatian Coast.

Devon Peavoy Crete 21.jpg From our base in Loutro, Crete, one of the southernmost points in Europe, you can enjoy sparkling sunsets over the Mediterranean as far as the eye can see.

Egypt sunset.jpeg Sailing around Egypt’s Red Sea off the coast of Hurghada, the open sea and sky glows with a rainbow of colours.

Galapagos-Islands-SwimTrek-0012.jpg Even with stormy clouds rolling in, the sunsets in the Galapagos islands brighten up the sky.

Ibiza sunset.jpg A warm atmosphere exudes from Ibiza island and is felt even as the sun is going down.

Komodo2.JPG The hike to the top of Padar island is certainly worth it to see the sun set over Indonesia's Komodo National Park.

Kornati 12be3b176904538da2f87b6544640a4728f1d0ae_IMG_20160919_190243_large.jpg Enjoy the remote feel of the Kornati islands, where you’ll be one of only a few to watch these sunsets.

Maldives sunset.JPG Take a wander out onto the Maldivian sandbanks and let the fading light surround you.

milosexplorer-123.jpg Go for an early evening dip in Milos and you’ll be likely to enjoy the company and the colours of a warm sunset.

Oman sunset.jpg The imposing mountainous fjords of Oman juxtapose wonderfully against the light pinks and oranges of the early evening.

Oregon.jpg Watch with wonder as the Oregon skies light up with different colours as the days draw to a close on America’s west coast.

Seychelles sunset.JPG The sunsets on our Seychelles trip change everyday as we sail around finding the best views in the country.

st kitts.JPG Enjoy the sight of the boats out on the water in the early evening as the sun fades behind them in St Kitts and Nevis.

SwimTrek-Lithuania-029.jpg You can enjoy pinks, oranges, blues and greys playing over the calm waters of Lithuania’s lakes.

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