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UK Update: Best Travel Options for October

By Jack Hudson , 23 September, 2021

Below information is correct as of 21.09.21

Good travel news at last! This past week (on September 17), we learned that the old ‘traffic light’ system we’ve all been getting used to will finally be transformed from October 4.

uk travel

All these changes have come in perfect time for October travel. The former list of destinations will now be lumped together in two, much simpler lists. The green and amber lists are going to be combined into one list of safe countries approved for travel by the UK government. The red list will still remain – a selection of destinations marked as unsafe for travel.

These changes will come into effect from Monday October 4 and we’re also looking at the introduction of an updated ‘safe list’ with additional countries being lifted from the red list. From October 4 (the usual rules still apply until then), any fully vaccinated travellers, who return to the UK from ‘safe list’ countries, will now be exempt from having to take a pre-departure test before their flight back into the UK.

It’s worth noting that all fully vaccinated travellers are still required to carry out a PCR test after their flight lands – at least within two days of their arrival in the country. By late October, lateral flow tests will be allowed as a cheaper alternative.

uk travel 2

Conversely, travellers who have yet to receive both doses of the vaccine will need to self-isolate. The isolation extends for 10 days regardless of whether the traveller has arrived from a country on the ‘safe list’. They will need to take Day Two and Day Eight PCR tests. In England, travellers can cut this short and opt to take a ‘Test to Release’ PCR test on Day Five – thereby ending their quarantine early. Travellers who are unvaccinated will also face a pre-departure test before being allowed to fly into the UK.

So, with all of this mind, we thought we’d lay out your safest travel options for an upcoming SwimTrek adventure in October (below)...

Note: The above changes only apply to arrivals into England. These rules do not extend to the devolved parliaments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Trips in countries currently on the green list

The following SwimTreks are going ahead in destinations currently on the green list:

uk travel 3

Croatia is a hugely popular SwimTrek destination, especially during these times of restricted travel. Head out for some last minute island-hopping along the Dalmatian Coast, or book ahead for our Long or Short Swim package options in 2022.

uk travel 4

• Escape to Malta and take on the iconic Gozo to Malta crossing this year! Discover the sun-baked archipelago of Malta and enjoy some of the best underwater visibility you'll find in any of Earth's waters.

SwimTreks on the new safe list

When the new travel regulations are brought in (at 4am on October 4), the following SwimTrek destinations will have been lifted from the red list – opening them up to UK swim travellers. As per the latest update, no destinations have been demoted to the red list for UK travel.

uk travel 5

• Swim The Maldives with us, winding among scattered atolls and submerged shipwrecks in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

uk travel 6

Oman Fjords offers swimmers the chance to travel the stunning fjords of the Musandam Peninsula. Swim up to 6km each day with a dramatic backdrop of arid mountains and marvel at the unique views from the isthmus, which divides the Persian Gulf from the Gulf of Oman.

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