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SwimTrek’s Top Travel Swimming Hacks

By Olivia Weatherill , 06 June, 2018

For the passionate swimmer, the love of the sport has taken us far and wide, and every true swimmer has their tips and tricks to making their swimming experience that little bit better. So, whether your flying across the world for your next swimming adventure or simply jumping in the car down to your local reservoir, here are some great travel hacks to stay on top of your swimming game on the road!

Use Baby Oil / Shampoo / Toothpaste for Cleaning Goggles

If you’re finding your goggles are fogging or have become dirty from mascara residue, a quick clean with any of the above-mentioned household items will restore goggles clarity as good as new!

Invest in a Microfibre Towel

Quick drying, lightweight and compact, a microfibre towel is a piece of kit every open water swimmer should have in their arsenal. Their resistance to sand and highly absorbent nature make these towels are a great tool that will come in handy time and time again.

Keeping a Dust Pan Brush in Your Car

Having a soft-bristled dust broom is handy for brushing down any sand still on your body and for sweeping up your car when you leave.

Apply a Leave-In Conditioner to Your Hair.

Exposure to sun and salt water can be incredibly damaging to your hair. A leave-in conditioner applied after getting out of the water can be a great combatant to tackle dry, brittle hair.

Invest in a Dryrobe

The perfect way to get changed in public or on a beach quickly whilst protecting your modesty as well as being waterproof and windproof for when you’re battling with the strongest conditions, a dryrobe is another lifesaver for getting you in and out of the water more quickly and easily!

Plastic Bags Over Hands and Feet When Putting on Wetsuits

Slipping a small plastic bag over your hands and feet will allow a wetsuit to slide on much more smoothly and will avoid having to pull it up inch by inch!

Vaseline on Lips to Stop Swelling

Applying a small amount of Vaseline before your swim will provide a barrier between the salt water and your tongue and delay the fuzzy feeling on your tongue that arises from extended time in the sea

Spit Out Your First Sip of a Drink Post Swim

After a salt water swim, the anticipation of drink to take away the strong taste of the sea makes it very easy to forget that if you spit out your first glug, this will also take most of the saltiness around your mouth and will stop you swallowing it instead.

Keep Your Googles in a Sock

If you don’t have a goggles case or can’t justify the bulk of one, then a sock is an easy, space saving alternative to travel with your googles and protect them from scratches

Wait Between Applying Sunscreen and Vaseline

Apply sunscreen first and wait at least 10 minutes before applying Vaseline for chaffing to avoid the two blending together in a gloopy mess!

Take Your Swimmers and Goggles in Your Carry On

Always have a pair goggles and a swimming costume in your hand luggage when travelling by air, you never know when that next perfect swimming opportunity may surprise you or your luggage is going to go astray!

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Patricia (Ermie) Robinson @swimtrekker9566

Be careful using toothpaste on goggles as it can be too abrasive. Consider a Tesalate towel - beach towel size without the bulk.

posted over 3 years ago

Kim Paul @swimtrekker_lanxuwxv

Great tips, thank you. Just about to go for my début swim to Oman.

posted almost 3 years ago