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Trip Diary

SwimTrek's kind of Blue Monday

By Olivia Weatherill , 20 January, 2020

Today, January 20th, is Blue Monday and reportedly the most depressing day of the year. However, we’re always thrilled by the prospect of a blue Monday and so to keep your spirits high, here’s some of our favourite destinations for enjoying the deep blue.


swimmer plunging underwater - Sian Crete

You’ll find such fantastic water clarity off the island of Crete. Perfect for following the bottom of the seabed and enjoying catching some great shots like this one!


swimmer underwater smiling Montenegro

In Montenegro you’ll find the sea takes on many shades of blue, but we particularly loved the light blue in this snap where our swimmers could follow the craggy seabed right up to the mountainside!


elodie de rover milos caves dancing.jpg

The narrow entry way to this cave in Milos creates an ethereal glow behind our guide Elodie as she danced under the surface.

Tremiti Islands, Italy


The rocky nooks and crannies by the Tremiti coastline have some fantastic caves to explore. Here’s our guide Simon enjoying the deeper blue hues of the Adriatic.

Red Sea, Egypt

Dionne Red Sea Egypt

Swimming in Egypt, you’ll find clear as glass waters underneath brilliant sunlight. The brightness turns the water a lovely light turquoise shade and makes for excellent underwater visibility.

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