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Photo Of The Year

SwimTrek: Photo of the Year, 2022

By Jack Hudson , 17 January, 2023

Another year, another fresh selection of adventures captured by SwimTrekkers around the world...

Coming to the close of 2022, a few weeks ago, we decided to run our annual photo round-up again and crown the definitive Photo of the Year from another year of exciting swim travel. This time, we thought we'd try something different - so, the winner this year hasn't been picked by ourselves at SwimTrek HQ. Instead, we looked back on all the engagement for each of our entries and tallied up your 'Likes' and comments. Ultimately, we've left it to YOU - our trusty SwimTrekkers!

Now, let's dive back into 2022 and explore our selected entries, from Galapagos whale shark encounters to sunlit coastal swims in the Tremiti Islands...


ENTRY 1 | 'Deep Breath' by Yan Rothenbuhler - Bali, Indonesia


ENTRY 2 | 'The Whale Shark' by Marlys Cappaert - Galapagos Islands


ENTRY 3 | 'At Home In The Maldives' by Benjamin McIvor - The Maldives


ENTRY 4 | ‘Sunlit Tremiti’ by Giulia Negrini - Tremiti Islands


ENTRY 5 | ‘The Blanket Octopus’ by Frouke Verberk - Lycian Way, Turkey


ENTRY 6 | 'The Oman Dolphins' by Anna - Oman Fjords



ENTRY 7 | 'Friends who dive together…' by Terri Ingram - Croatia

Huge thanks to all our awesome photographers around the world. This year, we had another fantastic selection of entries, but all of you have spoken with your engagement this past month and it's Terri Ingram's shot here - with divers Celia and Liz taking the plunge on their SwimTrek in Croatia - that eventually stood out above the others. Congratulations, Terri! :)

Do you have a photo you'd like to put forward for Photo of the Year, 2023? Please send your entries to us at


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