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"So, You’re New To Open Water?"

By Jack Hudson , 20 January, 2021

There are all kinds of questions that come up when you're new to outdoor swimming. Where’s safe to do it? What do I need to take with me? Should I have support in the water?

Sometimes outdoor swimming (or open water swimming/wild swimming) seems to be regarded as a new-fangled activity. As though swimmers have been lapping in chlorine since the primordial days. Nerves seem to grow from the idea that there are strict rules or regulations to be followed - a 'right way to do it', as well as a list of kit you absolutely need, without which you’d be thrown to the watery wolves.


It’s a sport, of course. You have to be safe. And yet most precautions aren't learnt through years and years of experience – though of course good sense is reinforced over time. Many of the risks are things you're already aware of intuitively. Why is that the case? Despite all modern evidence to the contrary, you belong outdoors. Your instincts twitch at the bristle of a sea breeze. Your circulatory system reacts to defend you from cold water. You are physically equipped, with everything you need, to swim outdoors... maybe you just don't know it yet.

new swimmers

While open water swimming is natural and accessible, it's also important to be safe out there and professional support makes a huge difference when it comes to building confidence. And so, we launched our Discover Open Water trips to cater for both beginners and more experienced swimmers. What that means is that our distances and locations are still challenging enough to build confidence, but also safe and well-supervised.

unexpected joys of swimming

One thing we embrace is an aspect of happy unpredictability. No two swims are the same. That quote about never being able to step into the same river twice – it works for all bodies of water. It just so happens that the great secret of swimming in outdoors is that it never offers exactly what you expected.

Who are 'Discovery' trips for?

Our Discover Open Water trips are for newcomers to open water swimming and those looking to transition from the pool to swimming outdoors. Every trip is a fully guided swimming holiday complete with expert swim guides and full safety escort on all your swims. That escort is an essential component for building confidence and feeling safe at all times.

The daily experience will include short swims with intervals of rest and relaxation, along with regular feedback, tips and advice from our expert guides on ways to improve your swimming.

You are also provided with several nights accommodation (depending on which trip you choose) and a selection of meals.

Ultimately, our main focus is to grow your confidence! To do that we surround you with expert support, like-minded swimmers and give you advice on all the kit you will ever need!

To give you some idea of what to expect, here’s a unique and unforgettable selection of Discover Open Water adventures we're offering in 2021:


New! Discover Open Water Malta
Description 4 day adventure in the gorgeous turquoise waters of Malta and Gozo
Package This trip include a fully guided swimming holiday in Gozo, Malta (including safety escort on all swims), 3 nights’ accommodation in a 4-star hotel, all breakfasts and lunches on Days 2 and 3

lake district

New! Discover Open Water Lake District
Description This trip takes swimmers to build confidence outdoors in the freshwater lakes and tarns of Cumbria’s Lake District
Package Package includes a fully guided swimming holiday in the Lake District (including safety escort on all swims), 2 nights’ accommodation at Glenthorne Guest House, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and dinner at the Glenthorne on the first night

Which trips are Best for Beginners?

Our Best Trips For Beginners are another great option for anyone looking to take their first strokes in open water. With shorter swim distances, our usual safety escorts and expert swim guide assistance, these forays outdoors are ideal for building confidence and developing your skills.

All swimmers will have the balance of freedom and support they need to stretch out and learn exactly what open water brings to the mind, body and soul. No one is going to tell you why or how you should learn to love open water, though we have a very strong suspicion you'll discover that for yourself.

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