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Sian and Telly's Baltic Adventure

By SwimTrek Team , 17 August, 2015

From field notes to photos, adventures can be recorded in many ways to aid the stories you share on your return. Guides Sian and Telly share just some of their memories and highlights guiding the Baltic Lakes trips in Lithuania with this field note style blog post.


Lithuania, not expected to be renowned for its culinary delights, surprised us with the best homemade granola and curd cake topped with local, handpicked blueberries from the surrounding pine forests for breakfast, Audra's amazing broccoli salad for lunch, and Matthew's barbecued ribs for dinner with Audra's main ingredient, love...


Loosely following the Great Ring kayak route around the lakes of Auksitija National Park, we earned a whole lot of kudos hoisting the kayaks in and out of the water and transporting them between lakes by road accompanied by some class tunes provided by our resident Californian DJ / driver / host / barbecue king...


Our strolls between swims took us through woods full of blueberries, wild strawberries and raspberries past pretty little lakes and houses.

Ladakalnis to Piliakalnis

Climbing up the steps to Ladakalnis, following a picturesque, peaceful swim across Linkmenas, we caught a photo opportunity of the beautiful view of 6 lakes from the top of the hill as well as the kudos collecting kayaker who drew the short straw in towing both kayaks and heavy kit back to the base of Piliakalnis

Sighting points

Are you familiar with the birch? There is a cluster of intertwined birches in the distance in te middle of a pine forest. Aim for the birches.

Look at the treeline. It's flat, no? Now look left of the flat treeline. Can you see the two tufty trees in the distance. Aim for the gap between them.

Can you see the two grassy islands? Well, no they don't look like islands because there's another grassy island behind them, on which there is a single birch. Aim for the gap just in front of the birch.

Actually, scrap that just follow the orange shirt on the kayak. Enjoy the view and swim straight, please.

Hot tubs

Watching the sun go down over Lusiai, sitting in a Japanese hot tub while the wetsuits dry in the sauna after a long but lovely day in Lithuania.

Final day swim from Asalnai, via Meironys across Lusiai to Tiki Inn

Definitely the most challenging swim of the trip but sweetened by the 'Extraction Point' tea stop at Maironys, and knowing that you are swimming home to the Tiki Inn and yet another lovely lunch

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