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Safety checklist for open water swimming and dipping

By SwimTrek Team , 21 June, 2016

With summer officially here and the waters warming in the UK, more people will be heading to lakes, rivers and the coast to take a dip or open water swim. We want everyone to have fun and of course experience the beauty of open water swimming and dipping, but want to encourage you all to do it safely, by following these few simple rules suggested by Simon Murie;

  1. Always seek local advice. Checking tides, currents and for hidden structures and foliage.

  2. Look for easy access into and out of the water, a steady slope or beach is ideal.

  3. Don’t dive or jump! Enter slowly in to the water to acclimatise to the temperature and understand the water behaviour and any hidden obstacles / foliage.

  4. If you are new to open water or still not comfortable, swim within your depth where you are able to stand comfortably.

  5. Never drink alcohol and swim.

  6. If there are currents, then swim upstream (against the current or tide) first.

  7. Wear a brightly coloured swim cap. It’s a great way to be seen in the water.

  8. Know your limitations.

  9. Check out for any motorised boat traffic in the area.

  10. Swim with someone whether they are swimming with you are on the shore or on a boat.

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