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7 Stunning Landscapes to Discover in Crete

By Olivia Weatherill , 07 February, 2018

Think you know the Greek Islands? Perhaps you've visited a few and have got your feel for them? Then allow us to introduce Crete and show you it in a whole new light. More than just a stunning beach getaway, if you love awesome mountain views, stunning sea hues and the knowledge that you're one of only a handful of people to visit, then read on as we describe just some of the stunning landscapes that you'll encounter in the south of Crete: we're certain it will leave you desperate to go!

Explore the caves

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Take the chance to explore the cavernous caves of the south of the island. Our swim routes allow you the opportunity to hug to coastline and get up close to the stunning, sheer cliff faces of Crete. The swims we’ll complete offer the chance to snake around the jutting cliffs and delve into the rugged caves. A must do for the curious swimmer who loves a coastline with variety and personality!

Discover underwater vistas and swim with dolphins!

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The underwater panoramas of Crete are an inviting secret that you’ll find just below the surface of the water. Just like the craggy cliffs above the surface, dive down and check out the rockiness of the vistas under the sea and discover a whole new side to the island. If you’re lucky, you may encounter some friendly dolphins jumping in the waves!

Take in sunrise over the mountains in the bay

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Our stunning base of Loutro for the week is a secluded village wrapped in the shelter of the mountains. The enveloping nature of our location makes the sunrises and sunsets particularly magical. Rise early to catch the sun as it peaks over the ridges and spreads its rays into the reaches of the corners of the village. And if you’re willing to do an early morning swim, the spread of the sunlight across the water as it rises is a special sight.

Walk through the gorges, a new mountainous side to Greece

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While an immediate image of Greece conjures up idyllic beaches and remotes islands, the country boasts plenty of mountains and Crete is no exception. Greece is the third most mountainous European nation after Norway and Albania, so why not take the chance to discover some jaw dropping views and imposing peaks? Our swims take us to the coastal village of Agia Roumeli where you can take a hike into the Samaria Gorge. You can also take mountain and beachside walks to the fort of Agia Roumeli and from Porto Loutro to Sweetwater Beach. In spring there are flowers in the gorges, bright sunlight and moderate temperatures.

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The colours of the sea

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The seas surrounding Crete feature brilliant turquoises and aquamarines that run into deep hues of almost royal blue; the depth of the colours of these waters are truly breathtaking. Dive into the year-round temperate Mediterranean Sea and take in for yourself the stunning shade of these waters. Compared to the reddish, rugged cliff sides, the contrast of views is stunning. Watch the white foam break across the shore from the boat and swim through the gentle and clear blue waters.

A hotel with an enviable view

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After completing some awe inspiring and incredible swims, we’ll retire to our quaint home for the week of Hotel Porto Loutro on the Hill, the perfect retreat at the end of the day. Offering great views of the rest of the village and the mountainside as it stretches along the coastline, the hotel is a gem in the heart of the community. From just a step out from your balcony, the beauty of Crete is never far away.

Bask in the remoteness of this stunning area

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You may have been to Crete before, but let SwimTrek introduce to you a side you may not have seen of this striking island. The south coast of Crete in general is particularly remote, but journey through the mountain lined roads and the beaches and coastal towns you'll discover are worth the trip. Our base in the village of Loutro is only accessible by boat, adding to the charm of an undiscovered holiday gem, our Crete Discovery trip is perfect for the SwimTrekker keen to really escape and explore the island. Our May departures offer even better exclusivity, as this quieter period before summer holidays gives the perfect opportunity to enjoy the remote beauty of Crete away from the crowds!

Have these fantastic photos left you wanting more? Check out our Crete Discovery video.

SwimTrek runs its popular Crete Discovery trips from May to October.


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