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5 unique ways to enjoy the Tremiti Islands, Italy

By Olivia Weatherill , 11 April, 2019

As Italy’s only islands in the Adriatic Sea, this beautiful site is a great destination to enjoy the rustic side of Italy. At around 40km from the Italian mainland, the Tremiti Islands offer up a great escape from it all. There’s plenty to be found on this tiny, charming archipelago and below we’ve picked out some of our favourite things to do on and around the islands.

Explore all three major islands

It wouldn’t be a SwimTrek swimming holiday without covering all the great swims that are to be found in a location! On our Tremiti Islands swimming holiday, we’ll explore around San Domino, San Nicola and Capraia; the largest islands in the archipelago, as well as crossing past the uninhabited small rock outcrop island of Cretaccio. Swimming around these islands are a fantastic way to get to know them intimately and over the course of our trip, we’ll carry out crossings between islands, coastal swims and a full circumnavigation of San Nicola.

tremiti cliffs

Relax in stunning beaches

Much of the islands enjoy the brilliant and beautiful bright white cliffs, of which tiny beaches are nestled within. Though only a small archipelago, the Tremiti islands are blessed with many stunning beaches, from which you can swim, snorkel or simply relax on. From the likes of Cala Matano, a sweet rocky beach tucked into a cave, to Cala delle arene, a sandy beach where the water fades to a pale green, there are beaches to suit all tastes.

tremiti beach

Approach the islands via helicopter

One option to arrive into the Tremiti Islands is to travel by helicopter; flying into the charming archipelago and seeing the beauty of these islands from the air! From this perspective, you’ll be able to see all the nooks and caves of the island and be able to see your swim routes in advance as well as the imposing architecture of the castles of San Nicola and the sparkling turquoise sea.

Explore the islands’ castles

The Tremiti Islands are dotted with several beautiful buildings, with some dating back to over 1000 years ago. San Nicola is home to Castello Badiali, an impressive castle that sits at the southern tip of the island. It is also home to the Abbey of Santa Maria a Mare, a ruined monastery that dominates the islands skyline. Take a walk around the courtyards and grounds and marvel in their beauty from the marbled floors to its imposing walls.

original Tremiti Islands - Italy search image

Discover the native plants of the islands

The islands enjoy plenty of greenery that stretches from the coastline and covers most of San Domino. Cars are not permitted on the islands and this allows for a great environment for the local nature to thrive. You can smell the sweet scent of citrus trees that floats around as well as taking a hike through the Aleppo pine forests of San Domino, which can be walked across in roughly two hours.

If the Tremiti Islands sound simply irresistible to you, why not check out our swimming holiday here?

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