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10 reasons to swim and explore the Komodo Islands

By Olivia Weatherill , 03 January, 2018

The deep blue waters and striking mountains are just some of the reasons that have drawn us to the stunning island nation of Indonesia. Made up of over 17,500 islands, we are setting off to explore a handful of them in our inaugural Komodo Crossing Trip. The islands are best known for its famous inhabitants, the imposing but fascinating Komodo Dragons. However, this protected area of Indonesia has so much more to offer than just these scaly land dwellers. Join us on and in the waters to explore the best of these Indonesian Islands as we continue to pioneer the best of open water swimming.

A remote part of the world in an area never swum before

At SwimTrek, we love to push the boundaries of adventure sports holidays and are constantly thinking up new and exciting destinations. We are so happy to put on the first swim trips around the Komodo islands not just with us but the first company to run swim trips here ever! Discover a brand-new area that has never been swum before. Definitely one to brag about to your friends!


The chance to see multiple islands

Explore with us some of the thousands of islands that make up Indonesia. Coast past the many uninhabited islands in the Komodo National Park and marvel at them from the water before going ashore to explore them by foot. Everyday there is a new place to discover, and you won’t run out of spots to visit very quickly!


A protected national park

Komodo, two other major islands Rinca and Padar, and several smaller islands in this vicinity make up the area that has been marked and protected as the Komodo National Park. Set up to initially protect the Komodo dragon, over time this has extended to include other terrestrial and marine life, which has seen the region grow rich in biodiversity. Spanning over 2000km², there are many opportunities to see rare species such as the orange-footed scrubfowl on land and manta rays underwater.


Part of coral triangle

We are lucky to have our base for the week situated in the heart of the Coral Triangle, an area of tropical marine waters that spans Indonesia as well as several other South Asian countries. Here the marine and coral life are abundant and is a hugely famous destination for diving. See this stunning location from the waters level and enjoy the environment safe in the knowledge that the area is a global priority for conservation and that it will continue to be protected for generations to come.


A chance to challenge yourself

Because this is one of our pioneering exploratory trips, the swimming conditions will be that much more challenging than the standard SwimTrek. We would recommend all guests have a good level of competency and experience in open water, however the chance you will have to truly push yourself will be exhilarating. As you power through the stronger currents and navigate your way around the shallows, know that you are making yourself an even better adventure swimmer.


Hikes up the volcano

As well as all the fantastic aspects of this trip that happen from the water, make sure you take the time to explore your stunning surroundings on land. The views from the volcanic peak of Pulau Padar are breathtakingly beautiful, and only a manageable 20 minutes ascent. Aside from the views from the top of the mountains, the stunning greenery from the land as you complete your coastal swims provides a marvellous backdrop.

Marvel at the pink beach

Continue your exploration of the shores when we visit the stunning pink beach of Pantai Merah on the east coast of Komodo Island itself. These soft pink shores will most likely be empty when you arrive due to its remote nature. Enjoy a rare natural wonder and take in the view of the coral that are visible through the crystal clears waters.


Swim among the hot underwater vents off the coast of Sangeang

Seangeang is an active volcano and makes for a striking swim backdrop. The hot springs that shoot out bursts of hot water and gas makes this underwater mountainside a huge attraction to all manors of sea creatures and so the marine life in this area is hugely varied. Swim through this unique setting and enjoy the stunning sea life that surrounds you.

Abundant and diverse sea and coral life

As we have eluded to throughout this blog, the sheer amount of different coral and sea life living and thriving in this area of the world is phenomenal. The variances even between the islands, from volcanic, craggy coasts to the softer, sandy beaches are vast. The water temperatures in this area are the perfect breeding ground for coral so make sure to keep you head down as there is so much happening under the water that you won’t want to miss!


See the Komodo dragons up close

A huge appealing factor of this trip is the opportunity we have to come face to face the famous Komodo Dragons. The island of Komodo is the most populous area for wild dragons, and at 70kg heavy on average and the ability to grow up to 3m long, these beasts are best viewed from a safe distance. Enjoy a guide led tour around the island with us before heading back to the waters.


SwimTrek will be running the Komodo crossing trips to Indonesia in June and July 2018. Prices start from £1990.

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