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Dionne Tatlow @dionne_tatlow




SwimTrek Miles


Swim history before SwimTrek Growing up I always gravitated towards water activities and spent the majority of my summers at the lake, and then taking swimming lessons throughout the winter. I began recreationally lane swimming during my undergraduate degree and then started training with a Masters team in Toronto while in Chiropractic College. During my time in Toronto I completely fell in love with swimming and have since immersed myself in all facets of the sport; from treating swimmers, coaching, organizing a local race, and of course, spending endless hours in the water myself! Most memorable swim moment Perhaps my first SwimTrek swim! In the Aeolian Islands we swam along the coast of Vulcano and I couldn’t stop smiling. The scenery was gorgeous, the water was unbelievably blue, and the group was a lot of fun. I got out of the water and the only thing I managed to verbalize was “I’m so happy, just so, so happy!” I said it so much that it became a running joke throughout the trip! Top swimming tip One-armed and balance-driven drills are very effective. They do a fantastic job of highlighting and correcting asymmetries in strength and mobility while engaging the core; all of which are very important factors for efficiency and injury prevention. Interesting fact I live 236km from the nearest pool, but only 30m from a big, beautiful freshwater lake. It makes for a long winter with a lot of driving, but in the summer I can swim home from work!