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Tour Highlights

  • Ideal preparation for swimmers who are training for a triathlon or long distance swim event

  • Support and encouragement from world-class guides with extensive long distance swimming backgrounds

  • Focused open water training, combined with in depth video analysis of your technique in the pool

  • All meals included throughout the duration of your trip

  • Fantastic chance to meet like-minded participants in a wonderful training environment

  • Q&A sessions with your SwimTrek guides

Whether you are preparing for an upcoming long distance open water event, an English Channel relay swim or you are a triathlete looking to improve your swim leg, this swim training camp in Mallorca is the ideal way to ensure that both your body and your mind are prepared for your next big challenge.

With a team of experienced long distance swimmers to support you throughout the trip, this six days of open water training includes video analysis of your swim technique, as well as key teaching points to improve your overall performance in the water. Q&A sessions with your SwimTrek coaches give you a fantastic opportunity to discuss your progress and focus on future training needs.

After building up the swim distances over the first few days, you will have the chance to complete a full 10km swim towards the end of your trip to truly gauge the improvement that you’ve made throughout your time in the water.

With our new base in 2018 at Niu d’Aus Apartments, your accommodation now overlooks the marina and is located closer than ever to your coaches and swim locations, which will help to optimise the mix of training and relaxation time throughout your trip.

Who is this trip for?

This trip is ideal for swimmers who are planning to take part in a long distance open water swim event of up to 15km, or those who are looking to challenge themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

Whether it’s in cold water, warm water, in the sea or in a lake, this camp is perfect for those who are looking to improve their stroke and endurance under the watchful eye of our experienced guides. The trip features long and short open water swims with full safety cover, and incorporates technical analysis and a nutrition seminar over the course of the trip.

This trip is also a great option for those who are preparing for an English Channel relay attempt. If you are training for an English Channel solo swim, or similar, please check out our Channel and Long Distance Swimming Training Mallorca which is better suited for this type of training:.

What's included?

  • Fully guided swim training camp in Mallorca
  • Swim guides and full safety escort on all swims
  • Technique coaching and video analysis
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • All breakfasts
  • All lunches

What's not included?

  • Travel to and from the start of the tour
  • Evening meals

Daily Itineraries

Please note that the below daily itineraries are an example of the swims that may take place during the course of your trip, however, actual swim locations and distances will vary according to local weather and sea conditions. Your SwimTrek guides and local boat pilot will determine the most suitable swim locations each day and will communicate the plan with all guests as soon as possible.

Day 1

We meet at the apartments in Porto Petro for a safety briefing and to discuss the plans for the week ahead. After discussing the swim schedule, we hit the water for the first time for our acclimatisation swim. The guides will spend time with you discussing your aims and objectives for the week.

Day 2 - Daily Swim Distance: Up to 5km

We’ll be up early for a video analysis swim which we will use to discuss relevant technique points later in the day. Today we will be coaching you through 5km of swimming, with a 3km swim in the morning and a 2km swim in the afternoon. Our initial swim takes place in Porto Petro Bay, which is an ideal time for our guides to begin their review of your stroke for the afternoon analysis session.

Day 3 - Daily Swim Distance: Up to 7km

Today we travel south for a big day of swimming in the Mondragó National Park area. We build our endurance with a 5km morning swim and a further 2km after a well-earned lunch on the boat. Today’s swimming includes a detour into breath-taking coastal caves.

Day 4 - Daily Swim Distance: Up to 4km

The sheltered bay of Cala Mitjana, with its overhanging pine trees and tiny beach, is our base for this morning’s 4km swim. In the afternoon we hold a pool coaching session to follow up on your stroke technique and to work on open water skills. This is followed by a seminar on nutritional advice and feeding techniques.

Day 5 - Daily Swim Distance: Up to 10km

The Big One! After the week’s preparation, practice, advice and training, this swim gives you the opportunity to bring it all together and complete a 10km swim. To optimise your experience, the precise swim location will be selected based on prevailing weather conditions. We will provide full safety boat cover, with nutritional support during your swim. Once you’ve had time to shower and recover, time will be set aside for a full Q&A session with your SwimTrek guides.

Day 6

There’s time for one more morning swim session before the trip ends. We swim as a group and it is an excellent time to work on your technique and swap any final information with your fellow guests and SwimTrek guides.

Trip Schedule

Start Point: Niu D' Aus Apartments, Porto Petro

Start Time: 17:00 on Day 1

Finish Point: Niu D' Aus Apartments, Porto Petro

Finish Time: 11:00 on Day 6

Swimming Information

Equipment to bring along with you

In addition to your daily non-swimming clothes, we also recommend that you bring the following items:

Item Item
Swimming Costumes (x2) Towels
Swimming Googles* (x2) Small Daypack
High Factor, Water Resistant Sun Cream Waterproof Trousers / Jacket
Gloves and Warm Socks Sweater / Fleece / Woolly Hat
Swim Earplugs (if you use them) Specific Nutrition (optional)
Tracksuit Trousers / Sweatpants Waterproof Watch
Thermal Underwear / Base Layers Aqua Shoes

*Try to bring one clear lens and one tinted lens for different light conditions.

Please note that SwimTrek will supply swim hats and provide water and electrolyte drinks in shared water bottles on your safety boat. If you prefer to use your own drink bottle, please feel free to bring one along. If you would like to use a wetsuit, rash vest or fins during your swims, please ensure that you bring these with you.

Swimming Circuits

Due to the nature of this training and the wide range of distances that will be covered by different members of the group, most of our swims take place around a series of circuits in locals bays. Circuit swims allow you to complete your training at your individual pace with full safety cover at all times.

Swimming Conditions

Swimming in the sea is a fantastic experience, however you should be aware that certain marine life such as jellyfish, sea lice, sea urchins and coral could be present during the swims. In all cases we will work on reducing your contact with these creatures, however if you suffer from anaphylaxis, please consult the office prior to booking.


Month Water Temperature* Air Temperature*
April 16-17˚C l 60-62°F 21-23˚C l 69-73°F

*Please note that these temperatures are indicative and should be used as a guide only.

Weather Caveat

For safety reasons, we rely on decent weather conditions when carrying out our swims. As a consequence, open water swimming holidays require a certain degree of on-trip flexibility which can result in changes to the planned itinerary. These changes often add a touch of uniqueness to your trip and will be communicated to you by your SwimTrek guides as quickly as possible.

Group Size

This trip has a maximum group size of 16 with a coach/swimmer ratio of approximately 1:5. The group will be accompanied by three SwimTrek guides and safety vessels at all times.

Boat support on this trip includes one main boat and two inflatable boats to be piloted by your SwimTrek guides and a local boat pilot. Please note that this boat support is subject to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Niu D' Aus apartments is to fly into Palma Airport and take a taxi transfer to the accommodation. While we have outlined various travel options below, they are subject to change and should be used as a guide only. We suggest that you use Skyscanner to search for alternative flight options for this trip.

Whichever route you choose to take, we recommend confirming your flights and other travel arrangements as early as possible in order to avoid price rises and availability issues.

Flights to Palma

To search for available flights into Palma International Airport, please visit Skyscanner.

Transfer from Palma Airport to Niu D' Aus Apartments

From Palma Airport to Niu D' Aus apartments the fastest and simplest way to get there is by taxi. The journey takes approximately an hour and the cost of the service is €75 (for up to four passengers). To book please visit the Taxi PMI. Please note that reservations must be made at least 12 hours before the required time in order to be guaranteed.

Public Transport from Palma to Niu D' Aus Apartments

From Palma Airport to Niu D' Aus apartments the fastest and simplest way to get there is by taxi. The journey takes approximately an hour and the cost of the service is €75 (for up to four passengers). To book please visit the Taxi PMI. Please note that reservations must be made at least 12 hours before the required time in order to be guaranteed.

Public Transport from Palma to Niu D' Aus Apartments

The cheapest form of transport to Niu D' Aus Apartments is by bus. Please note that this journey can take up to four hours due to waiting times between connecting buses and costs between €15-20.

From the airport, catch the Number 1 bus to Palma which runs every 15-20 minutes throughout the day and takes approximately 30 minutes. From Palma, catch the L501 to Porto Petro which runs several times per day and takes approximately two hours.

From the bus station in Porto Petro, it is approximately a 15-minute walk to your accommodation. For tickets and timetables for the above bus services, please visit: TIB.

Car Hire From Palma Airport to Niu D' Aus Apartments

Another option to get to Niu D' Aus apartments is by car. In previous years customers have hired a car for the duration of their stay in Mallorca and have found this to be a very useful choice. For anyone using a Sat Nav, please enter the address: Niu D'Aus Apartments, Calle de Estel d'Argent, 18 07691, Porto Petro. The journey should take approximately one hour, prices to hire a car start from £85 a week. We recommend hiring close to Palma Airport, for more information please visit the Palma Airport Car Hire Website. There is on site parking available at the accommodation.

Practical Information


The Niu d’Aus Apartments are our new base for the Channel and Long Distance Training Camp in 2018. Located just 10 minutes walk from the marina of Porto Petro, the apartments are in an elevated position with great views of the bay and hills beyond. All apartments have en suite bathrooms and the SwimTrek rooms have a balcony with views over the sea. Each of the 19 apartments in the Niu d´Aus are spacious (approx. 33-square metres) and have both air conditioning and heating. The lounge includes a sofa bed, while the kitchenette has a fridge, microwave and hob. All bedrooms have two single beds. The complex includes gardens, a large terrace and small freeform pool. There is free wi-fi and on-site parking available for guests as well as a small bar area where we will hold our seminars and have breakfast.


Breakfast and lunch are included on this training camp and you can choose to have dinner in one of the local restaurants or make use of the small kitchenette in your room. As all the apartments are self-catering and come with kitchenettes, guests can supplement meals by bringing along other items such as porridge and granola or wholemeal pasta should they wish.

Extra Expenses

You should bring extra money with you to cover such items as drinks, entertainment, souvenirs, etc. The local currency in Mallorca is the Euro (€).

Passports and Visas

Spain is part of the European Union. Non-residents of Spain require a full passport to enter the country, which should be valid for six months beyond the expected length of stay. Citizens of most countries, including all E.U. member states, U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand do not require a visa to enter Spain. Please note that visa regulations are subject to change and we advise that you check your own visa requirements prior to travel.

Health Information and Recommended Vaccinations

For comprehensive health information for people travelling to Mallorca, including all recommended and required vaccinations, please visit Travel Health Pro. Please note that this information is subject to change and you should re-check this site regularly prior to your trip.

Travel Plugs & Electricity

For a useful source of information on the different electrical outlets, electrical plugs, and electric sockets, please visit

  • Mallorca 10km gave me the experience and confidence I needed to be successful for my laterite crossing. The guides were brilliant. They were encouraging and helped build the confidence needed for the next steps in my journey.

    Katharine B, CAN-2017
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    Mark G, UK-2017
  • A great trip with excellent support to achieve my personal goal.

    Paul S, UK- 2017
  • Great guides and location, would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to extend themselves a little and build confidence on longer swims.

    Katie F, UK-2017
  • Great swimming with experienced guides who pass their knowledge and experience, very inspiring and encouraging.

    Zoe R, UK-2017
  • Nothing great is easy, but sharing is fantastic.

    Jean S, FRA-2017
  • This trip really helped me to push my limits while having wonderful swims, perfect support and a great community.

    Sven L, GER- 2017
  • Great experience of swimming in open water, great guides, great group, I would go on again!

    Gabriele, GER-2017
  • Absolutely inspirational Guides

    Phil C, UK- 2017
  • Amazing experience! All aspects of the holiday were taken care of to a very high standard, thus allowing me to fully concentrate on my swimming, and step well and truly out of my comfort zone. I achieved way beyond my expectations and have returned home a slightly different person! Thanks SwimTrek.

    Gillian W. UK - 2016
  • There's no better way to prepare for a big open water swim than to put yourself in the hands of SwimTrek - the guides/coaches are exceptionally good and the chats with fellow swimmers are invaluable. Hard training has never been so much fun!

    Steve W. UK - 2016
  • The best group holiday I have ever been on. So well organised and our guides were superb, friendly and full of great advice.

    Ruth H. Ireland - 2016
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    Claire. 2016
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