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Trevor & Lucy's Trip to the Greek Sporades - Guest Post

By SwimTrek Team , 14 August, 2015

Well now that we have returned home and our shoulders no longer ache. The flow of photos from the other members has started to circulate. Its time to reflect on our time in the Greek Sporades.

After a long journey to arrive at Alonissos, travelling from Lanzarote always proves a challenge in itself, we were so pleased to find the hotel. The Atrium hotel is lovely, nice location with magnificent views, staff super friendly and very helpful.

At the meet´n´greet Kate & Bron talked us through the forthcoming week and we had a chance to find out about all the other members. What an amazing group of people from all different walks of life and different swimming abilities.

The next morning we all took part in SwimTrek´s version of the “Sorting Hat” as per Harry Potter, and the three groups were decided. So, the holiday began….each day a different location to swim, each day a different distance, each day a lovely lunch prepared in the one square meter galley. Bron, what a talent, after the morning swim she would disappear below decks and supply us with endless cups of tea and biscuits, followed by these lovely lunchtime meals.

At the end of each day we would head back up the hill after having that well earned cold beer or a monster ice-cream. Some evenings Kate and Bron organised groups meals. We have been involved with such things in the past and were weary of them. However, what a wonderful surprise, the time wasted looking over the meal, then having to order and that wait, and then having to remember what you have ordered ! Kate had pre-ordered a variety of dishes for us all to share and all the above pain was removed. We tried food that I never would have ordered and traveled to different restaurants on the island. It made these evenings very enjoyable and totally pain free a great way to end the day.

The only disappointment was we did not get to do the 5km crossing from Skopelos back to Alonissos. The weather had been hot and breezy that made for lovely days on a beach. However, it made for a lot of bobbing up and down on the swell and although the day set aside for the crossing the weather was better. It was still to choppy to risk the swim so it was on to plan B. On the safety front. We have been involved with many many training events, from open water swimming, cycling and triathlon camps, and other outdoor adventure type stuff and this was by far the most safety focus trip we have been on.

We will be happy to book again and next time somewhere that does not take so so long to get there….haha

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