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Trip Diary

Six SwimTrek trips to get your sunshine fix

By Olivia Weatherill , 30 January, 2020

We’re determine to help you beat the January blues and what better way to do so than to get planning your next does of sunshine with a side of vitamin sea? We love a sun-soaked swimming getaway and if chasing the sunshine is high in your priorities for a SwimTrek trip, we’ve collated our top recommendation of where to enjoy the best of the rays!

Red Sea Liveaboard - Egypt

egypt sun

With year-round sunshine, your time spent exploring in the Egyptian Red Sea will be sun soaked no matter what time of the year you book your trip. This part of the world is famous for its coral reefs and shipwrecks, and the bright weather allows you to explore them easily. You’ll enjoy warm conditions with both the air and the sea temperature and being based on a liveaboard boat for your trip, you’ll get to experience some incredible sunsets. There’s also lots of shallower, sandy reefs that the sun lights up brilliantly, making them perfect for snorkelling.

St Kitts and Nevis

st kitts nevis private trip

Head out to the Caribbean with us for plenty of sunny days. Bright sunshine features frequently here and makes for an ideal swimming holiday. The water is warm and the islands we’ll swim alongside are rich with green vegetation. Light, fluffy clouds are often in the sky and offer the occasional relief from the sun’s intensity. For a laid-back trip with ideal weather to match, our St Kitts and Nevis trip is one of the best picks.

Crete Discovery

Devon Peavoy Crete 12.jpg

The island of Crete is often bathed in sunshine and its remote southern beaches are a great place from which to enjoy it. As we carry out our coastals under the imposing cliffs, the sun lights them up and brings out their differing hues of red, brown, grey and white. Our base in the mountainside fishing village of Porto Loutro enjoys impressive sunrises and sunsets each day, and for hikers looking to extend their time in Crete, take a walk through the Samira Gorge and watch the sun light up the route all the way back down to the sea.

Palawan Paradise - Philippines

Philippines SwimTrek swimming holiday.jpeg

Southeast Asia enjoys long days of sun throughout the year, and the Philippines is a particularly beautiful destination to head to. There are so many shades of blues and greens to enjoy here, from the light turquoise waters to the green topped karst islands we’ll swim around, and the constant sunshine only heightens the country’s beauty. Our trip is based out of Miniloc Island Resort, which enjoys its own private reef and is a wonderful place to see the schools of fish easily in the shallow bay.

Lycian Way - Turkey

Lycian Way Swimming Holiday.jpg

The south of Turkey’s enjoys plenty of sunshine and in the area known as the Turquoise coast, bright conditions only heighten the areas natural beauty. The sun is an almost constant companion on this trip, perfect for our exploratory crossings and circumnavigations to nearby islands. The water is so clear in this part of the world and the sun helps show off its clarity that boats appear to be floating in the air. Out of the water, take the chance to head to the Kas’ amphitheatre and catch the sunset that the locals have been watching for thousands of years.

Baja Peninsula – Mexico


Head out to this remote island and you’re in for a getaway where you can really disconnect and immerse yourself in the natural beauty around you. Days often go by on Isla Espirtu Santos without a cloud in the sky, and swims around this secluded part of Mexico are alongside the sun-baked red cliffs of these uninhabited islets. On this trip, we stay in beachside accommodation and have the opportunity every night to enjoy sunset cocktails and dine outside as we watch the stars slowly come out.

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