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Trip Diary

Best SwimTrek trips to combine walking and swimming

By Olivia Weatherill , 25 February, 2020

We know that many of our guests’ love being active outside of the water and want to experience the best of the surroundings on land too. So many of our trips enjoy incredible forests, mountains and beaches that deserve to be explored on foot and will show you another side of our swim destinations. If you’re looking to get your hiking fix while on a SwimTrek trip, here’s our pick of our best holidays to enjoy walking and swimming.

Lakes and Tarns

Lakes and Tarns 1.jpg Incredible views out over the Lake District

Set in the stunning Cumbrian countryside, this trip was designed to enjoy walking and swimming together. On our short getaway to Grasmere, the forested surroundings of our charming guesthouse are only moments away from plenty of ideal swimming locations. This trip features swims in several tarns, which are smaller mountain lakes. These are often shallower meaning the water is a little warmer. We’ll take short walks between our swims, taking in more of the Lake District in between enjoying our dips in this picturesque part of England. Highlights of this weekend tour include the walk along Loughrigg Terrace to Rydal Water and the trek to Easedale Tarn via Sour Milk Ghyll, which offers up one of the best views in the entire national park.

Cascade Lakes – Oregon

oregon guests 2018 SwimTrekkers on the banks of the Twin Lakes

Head to the west of America with us to seek out secluded swimming in the Three Sisters Wilderness Area. This part of Oregon boasts plenty of small, freshwater lakes which have views of mountains from almost every angle. The swims on our Cascade Lakes – Oregon trip are within walking distance from each other, with the opportunity to take a longer 5km hike between North Twin Lake to South Twin Lake at the beginning of our trip. From sunrise swims when the waters are still and bathed in purple, early-morning haze to clear midday dips at the foot of the mountains, Oregon’s wild waterways are best explored through this combination of hiking and swimming.

YogaSwim Lithuania and Lakes of Lithuania

lakes of lithuania view Enjoying the view from Ladakalnis Hill

Heading out to a more unusual location for swimming and hiking means you’ll often enjoy areas that very few others have. The remote lake-scattered part of the Lithuanian countryside that we visit on our swimming holidays offer up the chance to swim and hike through some of the most beautiful natural scenes you’ve never heard of. Based out of a charming waterside guesthouse, we’ll work our way around the surrounding pine tree-lined lakes and wander through the forest in between our swims. Both our YogaSwim and our Lakes of Lithuania trips offer up the chance to enjoy some great walks, with the hike up to Ladakalnis Hill giving fantastic views over where we have walked and swum throughout the week. Running in the warmest part of the year, the Aukštaitija National Park is often bathed in sunlight on these trips, making our journey around the park evening more beautiful.

Crete Discovery

15e3b0d1f5fdb0056505686496863204e5aa955f_uploads_2Funprocessed_2F1527811419565-wmyvo4iee7m-ee78ff99dbf93a36857ea9dd2cfb5c0c_2F20180511-dsc_0453.jpg Walks along Crete's rocky cliffs

This trip on the southern, rocky coast of Crete is a perfect trip for any lover of hiking and swimming. Our home for the week is the mountainside village of Loutro, lying at the foot of the steep hills and the swims we’ll take run along the reddish craggy coast of the island, with parts of the E4 walking route stretching out along the cliffs above you. You can try parts of this walk before or after our Crete Discovery trip, as well as take in more hiking opportunities by heading into the Samaria Gorge. In between swims, we’ll often take a break on quiet, secluded beaches, giving you the chance to wander blissfully along their sandy reaches. If you look out to the south, you may get a glimpse of Gavdos, Greece’s southernmost island.

Lady of Avenel

outer hebrides beach Beach walks in the Outer Hebrides

Our tall ship swimming and sailing adventures aboard the Lady of Avenel will see us visiting some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the British Isles. Between our swims, we’ll have time to journey ashore and see the beauty of the islands we’ll swim around from the land. Think long empty beaches and wild, open grassy mounds to look over where you have swum. You have the choice of several Lady of Avenel adventures, each with their own remote parts of England, Ireland and Scotland to show you on both land and sea. South beach on Vatersay in the Outer Hebrides could easily be a shot form the Mediterranean, a walk around Loch Coruisk on the Isle of Skye gives a humbling and expansive view of Black Cuillin looming over the freshwater lake and enjoy a swim alongside Cruit Island off the west coast of Ireland and wander along its rocky cliffsides.

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