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A first hand account of swimming the Tremiti Islands, Italy by SwimTrekker George.

By George English , 12 October, 2015

I had been looking for a Swim Trek Holiday for a while, when I saw the photos of the Tremiti Islands. My mind was made up that I would book this trip after seeing the pictures of the stunning views.

Travelling down from Bonnie Scotland made for an interesting journey. After using almost every mode of transport (Trains Planes & Automobiles) I arrived at the Tremiti Islands and witnessed the view with my own eyes. I knew the long, hard journey would bring its rewards.

Having used the messaging service on your web site was very useful. I felt as though I knew my fellow swimmers even though this was the first time we had actually all been together.

Day 1

Once on the islands we were transported to the hotel to be checked in and meet our guides for the week, Francesco & Ricky (aka The Cardinal). The welcome dinner allowed us swimmers to converse and get to know each other more. (My Shrek like accent meant the conversations with my multi-national swimmers was challenging at times. However, I shouldn’t have worried as everybody got on right from the start, chatting away as if we had known each other for ages, then off to bed for some well-deserved sleep.

Day 2

Up early for breakfast Italian style (Cakes, cakes & more cake), then off down to the beach for our acclimatisation swim. We were all videoed swimming which was later played back to us with the coaches giving good advice on how to improve your swimming technique….that’s if you needed improvement!! Although an agenda of swims was provided, this was always dependent on weather conditions. The instructors would ensure we had a swim but always with our safety in mind. Our first swim adventure turned out to be a 1st for the Tremiti swim trek. We ventured 3.4km down the north coast of Capraia with it stunning views. Back to dry land for some post swim warm drinks & biscuits to chat about our day’s adventure.

Day 3

Another first for the Tremiti trip as we circumnavigated the Island of San Nicola 3.5km again fantastic views. Each island presented us with views of unique cliff structure and beauty. Lunch was at the beachside restaurant (this is where we would have our lunch every day). The holiday afforded us the opportunity to explore the small islands along with chill out time on the lone beach before our afternoon swim. This was a straight crossing of 1.6km from San Nicola to Capraia. It was after this swim that I realised it was not all about speed and getting from one point to the other in the fastest time. This holiday is more about doing the sport you love, exploring the unique coastlines and scenery you encounter on your journey. Back for warm drinks and our daily chat about today’s swims during dinner and getting to know more about each other.

Day 4

Today’s swim was along the north coast of San Domino. This was a nice leisurely swim where I was able to improve my techniques from the tips given to me by my coaches. This was a 3.5km swim through stunning coastline full of caves and secret pools to investigate. Second swim of the day was across from Cretaccio to Capraia. This was a bit more challenging as there was a slight swell in the channel but with the sun shining behind us, made it all the more enjoyable.

Day 5

This was a short 2km swim with more stunning views along the north east coast of San Domino & a circumnavigation of Cretaccio. The weather which had been forecast turned to wind and rain after lunch. We were taken over to San Nicola this island is home to the monastery which dominates many pictures of the Tremiti islands. We were given some background history of the islands. It was indeed a fun afternoon with a few beers and a laugh about today adventure in the harbour café while waiting on the ferry back to the main Island.

Day 6

Today’s swim was a 3km trail from the beach down the south side of San Domino , meandering through the bays and swimming through caves. We witnessed equally stunning coastal views just like all the other islands. The 2nd swim of the day was down the S/E side of Capraia where we had the opportunity to view the sunken Statua di Padre Sommera some 13mtr below the surface. Back to the hotel for our last dinner and relax after our weeks adventure. After dinner we would venture up to the local Gelateria where I tried Mirto for the first time. More fun and laughter before traveling home the following day.

Day 7

Early breakfast and a chance to say good-bye to everyone, a great bunch of friends. Francesco with his local knowledge and Ricky were fantastic guides who made the trip special.

Now looking forward to my next SwimTrek adventure!!



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