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6 Unique Reasons to Swim in Montenegro with SwimTrek

By Olivia Weatherill , 31 October, 2017

1. Experience some of the calmest swimming in the open sea

From our base of Perast in the Bay of Kotor, this stretch of coastline is uniquely shielded from wind and rain, providing the perfectly calm swimming conditions whist still being in the open sea. The gulf of Kotor stretches along the coastline and the country curves round in a horseshoe like fashion that shelters and protects the Bay. The bay is wrapped with the imposing mountains that are both intimate and expansive at the same time. A week in to your time in Montenegro and the mountains will still take your breath away with every look.

Kotor Bay, from above Perast.JPG

2. Explore former Yugoslavian submarine tunnels

Enjoy the chance to have an immersive experience of former Yugoslavian hideouts when we venture into the disused submarine tunnels used in World War II. You can choose to walk along the pathways into the tunnel or if you are brave enough, swim! Though only around 100m back into the cliff edges, the water in the tunnels grows pitch black incredibly quickly so swim to the tunnels end if you think you can handle it! The further you venture into the tunnels, the cave appears larger and the echoes grow louder and the greater the resonance of the war feels. Here is a unique opportunity to transport yourself back to this time.


3. Marvel at the Plava Špilja

Whilst the calm waters of the Bay of Kotor are a sight you almost can’t bear to leave, an hour and a half boat ride away where the waters open to the Mediterranean is the beautiful ‘Blue Grotto’ cave stretching nine meters high, the ‘Plava Špilja.’ Enjoy this glowing cave with bright starfish scattered along the sea bed and a brilliant blue hue of the sea from under the water. The slightly warmer temperature inside the cave is a nice bonus too!

Eoughn Swimming the Caves on the Adriatic Coast copy 1.jpg

4. Enjoy the freshwaters of Lake Skadar

Spanning across Montenegro and Albania, Lake Skadar is a sight worth the 2-hour drive from Perast. On route, you have the chance to catch sight of the impressively beautiful island city of Sveti Stefan before a chance to try out the cool freshwater swimming our Montenegro Fjords trip has to offer. Enjoy the opportunity of the escape from Grmožur, Lake Skadar’s island prison and Montenegro’s answer to Alcatraz. From the islands off of the estuaries, the far-off mountains of Albania are visible. This view is worth a hike up to the monastery of St Nikola before swimming back through the rivers to the mouth of the Lake again.

Skadar Lake and Mountains.JPG

5. Swim to and around Perast’s iconic church islands

Our Lady of the Rocks and Saint George island are popular tourist islands a few kilometres swim from Perast. SwimTrek offers you the unique experience of approaching these sacred places from the water level and the 360-degree view of circling around them. Looking back over to Perast you can see almost the whole view of the bay of Kotor, from Risan to Kotor just in sight. Here you can feel the impressive mountains around you in an intimate way that hugs you closely in whilst being vast and expansive. Be sure to also look out for the bulbous jellyfish you may catch sight of in the Bay. Though harmless and unable to sting, they are a sight to swim through and are proliferate throughout the area.


6. Relax in the Perast Palace

After a long day’s swim, unwind in the grounds of the beautifully restored rooms of the Mrshe Palace. Worth the short climb up the stony steps and set back into the mountains, the view from the balcony of the palace is a great place to take in all the beauty of the Bay. The palace is the perfect place to enjoy meals and socialising with your group as well as watching the sun set or even the storms roll in off the mountains!


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