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5 incredible features of a swimming adventure in the Komodo Islands, Indonesia

By Olivia Weatherill , 23 October, 2018

As well as the phenomenal swimming opportunities that await you when joining on a SwimTrek trip in Indonesia, so many sights and spectacles are found only in this part of the world. The Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre and is home to incomparable ecosystems both above and below the water. In the words of one of our 2018 guests, ‘I can't imagine any other experience in the rest of my life being able to top what I experienced on the Komodo trip. Swimming alongside enormous turtles, close enough to touch was incredible. Seeing manta rays, reef sharks, lion fish and all the other types of sea life in their natural habitat is unbeatable. I can't recommend it enough and may go again!’ Certainly a glowing review! Read on to see what else you can discover on our Indonesia trip.

Catching the flight of the ‘flying fox’ bats


A unique phenomenon we are lucky to bear witness to is the mass flight of the local flying fox bats from Kalong Island in the evenings as they go off in search of breakfast from the surrounding smaller islands. The Komodo National Park is home to many species of animals not often found outside of South East Asia, so a visit to this region will put you in great stead to catch many incredible creatures in their natural habits, such as fish, rays and coral life.

Hike to the peak of Padar Island


One of the top highlights of the trip is the opportunity we have to complete the short hike to the summit of Padar, offering breath-taking panoramic views of the island as it stretches off into the horizon. We visit the peak at sunset, allowing you the chance to see the beauty of the island in the daylight, as well as the magic as nightfall approaches.

Padar’s Pink Beach

Swimming_holidays_Komodo_Indonesia_Pink Beach_Padar_island.jpg

Padar Island is also home to the unique sight of beaches made up of white, black and pink sand. The pink sand in particular is a marvel found in only a few sites around the world and is created from pulverised red coral mixed in with the white sand. Our trip sees us swim along these bays to allow you to get up close with such an unusual sight. Please do remember not to take any of the sand with you as detracts from the natural environment by reducing the size of the beaches and this will also be taken away from you at the airport!

See the dragons

Komodo dragon

A visit to the Komodo Islands wouldn’t be complete without an encounter with its world-famous namesake, the Komodo Dragon. Join us on a walk around Rinca Island where we’ll visit these giant creatures in their natural habitat and that are found nowhere else on the planet. This trip truly is one for lovers of nature and wildlife!

Liveaboard the Oceanic

indonesia smy oceanic

Our Komodo trip offers so much to see and swim, and this is only enhanced by being based on a live-on-board yacht for the week, ensuring you’re never far away from the action. The SMY Oceanic is our home for the duration of the trip, where you’ll enjoy the constant presence of the water, have the opportunity to take a dive with our on-board instructor and wake up to the best sea view every morning!

Sounds like a trip you just can’t miss? Then check out our Komodo National Park - Indonesia trip or talk to one of our customer team to discuss a holiday to the Komodo Islands.

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