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2024: Nevis To St Kitts Race

By Jack Hudson , 01 May, 2024

It's safe to say this year's Nevis to St Kitts race was one for the postcards...

Well, we can heave a sigh of relief and say that the Nevis To St Kitts Cross Channel Swim was a big success! 300 happy swimmers shared the tropical Caribbean waters with turtles and rays as they raced over 4.1 km across the Narrows.


Way out in the Caribbean Sea, the dual island nation of St Kitts & Nevis provides a stunning backdrop and welcoming hosts for this unique annual event. Swimmers depart Nevis one of the most unspoilt and relaxing islands in this famously laidback part of the world. Just over 4km later emerge at the Island of St Kitts, renowned for volcanic beaches and canopied rainforests.


We caught up with one of our swimmers, Teri, who attended the +POOL Gala and was one of the lucky raffle winners who won a space on this iconic swim with us in 2024! We want to say a big thank you to our partners who helped make this possible: JetBlue and +POOL, who are driving free and safe access to New York waters for swimming.

Let's find out how Teri enjoyed her experience in the rocking arms of the Caribbean Sea:


Teri's Swim

SWIMTREK: What was your most memorable moment from the swim this past weekend?

TERI: The people were amazing! Locals, other swimmers, and SwimTrek were fantastic too - friendly, encouraging and supportive, and all-around fun. The views were spectacular, and it was fun to send photos back to friends in the rainy, cold northern environs.

The conditions were challenging and fun as well. This is not a beginner swim. Kudos to all the first timers - it was one of the more difficult swims you will do. A bad swim helps you appreciate good swims.

Letting people cross over the finish line after they moved at the end was a classy finish. Anyone who swims over 3 hours in choppy conditions deserves a walk over the finish.


SWIMTREK: Did you have any nerves going into the swim?

TERI: Yes - oh yes! Shoulder, heat and sun! My last big open water channel swim event went terribly. I barely finished after almost 4 hours with shoulder issues, as well as no water or food on a hot sunny summer day.

This channel swim gave me the chance to try and learn from my (many) previous mistakes. Right after I registered in January, I searched for a swim coach. My weekly master's swimming is 10K and I swim in open water once a week in all kinds of conditions. One day we swam the water temperature was 45F/7C.

Also, my shoulder regularly gets cranky. After even 1 or 2 coaching sessions, my shoulder and technique improved, especially over longer distances/times and it did not bother me a little during the swim. The other two concerns were heat and sun. I have seen people attach water bottles to their swim buoy at the beach, along with food, and I did that. It made a difference since I knew I had something during the swim.

With open water, conditions change during the swim, and while it started in fairly calm water, the seas picked up with waves in the middle of the channel. It was nice to have water and food. Usually, the boats are hard to find (or in the wrong direction) and it's better to bring what you need with you.


SWIMTREK: How did the Nevis To St Kitts Race compare to other swim events you've been a part of?

TERI: It was so great to have the other SwimTrek swimmers around. It created a big team, so even if you come by yourself, and don't know anyone, you will by the end of the trip. The other swimmers were great, we cheered each other on, and were so happy for each other. It's like you brought your extended friends and family to a race. The views are fantastic, and it was a fun distance - not too long, and not too short.

Nevis and St Kitts are a wonderful destination with warm friendly people and a relaxed island vibe! I also want to say a special thanks to SwimTrek and Jet Blue for such an amazing experience.

'It was so great to have the other SwimTrek swimmers around. It created a big team, so even if you come by yourself, and don't know anyone, you will by the end of the trip...'


What's included?

Here's what you can expect in your package when you sign up to the annual Nevis To St Kitts Cross Channel Swim:

  • Entry into the annual Nevis to St Kitts Cross Channel Swim Race

  • Group transfer from the St Kitts Airport to accommodation on 4th April, either at 2pm or 5pm

  • Three nights' accommodation

  • Two breakfasts - day 2 and 4 at the hotel. Race day breakfast limited

  • One group lunch

  • Event merchandise package (including event tow float)

The Nevis to St Kitts crossing is a significant open water challenge of 4.1 km/2.5mile across the Narrows. Conditions during the event can be challenging. Swimmers should have a good understanding of open water swimming and be capable of swimming 4 km in open water. It is also important to gain comfort swimming in choppy waters and currents prior to the start of the trip. Please note, there is a cut off time of 3 hours for the swim.


We want to say a big thank you to the tourist boards for both St Kitts and Nevis!


If you liked what you saw here, why not sign up for our next adventure to swim among the swaying palms and coral waters of the Caribbean?

Pre-register for next year's Nevis To Kitts Cross Channel Swim: REGISTER FOR 2025

Want to know how you did? EXPLORE THE EVENT RESULTS

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