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10 Incredible Aerial Photos That Will Make You Want to Swim in the Maldives

By Olivia Weatherill , 29 November, 2018

For many open water swimmers, the Maldives is a dream destination; warm waters, the chance to swim alongside fish, rays and turtles, and the wide-open Indian Ocean to explore. We’ve found some great photos from our trips that show just how incredible a swimming holiday to the Maldives can be. These stunning aerial photos capture the great open spaces you’ll swim in and the intriguing landmarks and islands that are scattered along our routes. The Maldives is no longer just the reserve of the honeymooners and divers, the swimmers are certainly here to stay!

swimming_holidays_maldives_kayk_group This is how you’ll spend your days swimming in the Maldives, just you, your fellow swimmers and your support crew, with the whole ocean ahead of you to explore. The swims are generally quiet and peaceful around these remote islands.

swimming_holidays_maldives_turquoise_waters Off the coast of Fulidhoo island, you’ll find these incredible shades of turquoise waters. The swimming around this island in particular enjoys great water visibility and the chance to even run your hand along the bottom of the seabed as it becomes shallower.

swimming_holidays_maldives_walk_into_shore In the middle of the ocean, swimmers can still wander across the many sandbanks that appear as the tide ebbs and flows. The sand is constantly moving with the water and being shaped by the sea currents, making each visit to the same coordinates potentially a different view every time.

swimming_holidays_maldives_blue_hues Somewhere in between the islands of Mahibadhoo and Fulidhoo, swimmers lose themselves in the shades of blue of the Indian Ocean. Our guides carefully pick our Maldives swim routes to create great, meaningful swims. Here you can see our swimmers are lucky enough to pass coral reefs along the way.

swimming_holidays_maldives_open_plain The swimmer’s approach Fulidhoo island and enjoy some of the calmest waters whilst doing so. If you look closely, you can see the hues of the sea changing in the distance, which is also incredible to see from under the water too.

swimming_holidays_maldives_shipwreck_boat_shot This photo is the perfect shot of what you can look forward to and expect from a swimming holiday in the Maldives. Huge coral reefs, the contrasting colours of the water and the awesome shipwreck lying off Keyodhoo island that is just crying out to be explored!

swimming_holidays_maldives_swimmers_aligned Swimmers in convoy in the shallows surrounding Keyodhoo island once again have the beauty of the colours of the waters blending before them and stretching out far into the distance, bonus points if you can spot the yacht in the background!

swimming_holidays_maldives_swimmers_relaxing To the south of the island of Keyodhoo, the depth of the sea increases, turning a deep navy-blue colour with lighter tinges from the shallower areas. Here our swimmers take a well-earned break from a mornings swim, it’s a hard life on a SwimTrek holiday!

swimming_holidays_maldives_swimmers_walking_ashore In the shallows between Fulidhoo and Rakheedhoo, the swimmers once again find sandbanks to relax and snorkel in. The laid-back approach to life in the Maldives will leave you with a greater appreciation for all you’ll see on this once in a lifetime trip.

swimming_holidays_maldives_shipwreck_pose The swimmers get up close to the Keyodhoo island shipwreck With a shot like this, you’d definitely be the envy of all your friends!

SwimTrek runs trips to the Maldives throughout the year, with places available from February 2019. If these photos have left you longing for a swimming holiday fix, why not join us?

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