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Pioneer Departures

We are excited to share our new locations for an action-packed year of adventures! For some of our new trips, our first dates will be Pioneer Departures.

These departures are perfect for those who want to get out first to experience the relatively unexplored waters that await us. You will have the opportunity to explore the destination in-depth with an amazing group of swimmers, opening our eyes to the possibilities.

Our Pioneer Departures give our guides the chance to test, develop and perfect the itinerary. These first departures also enable our local partners to learn even more about SwimTrek, what we need and what SwimTrekkers love.

Whilst we test the waters, video playback and technique advise will not be included during pioneer departures. However, if you need guidance, please see our Training Plan with tips and drills or if you want in depth video analysis session, why not check out our endless pool coaching sessions in Brighton UK: SwimTrek Coaching

You might expect significant changes to the itinerary - this is especially applicable to crossings from one island to another. While measures are in place to ensure safety and approval has been granted, on location, conditions can change.

'You will have the opportunity to explore the destination in-depth, help us shape new SwimTreks all in the company of an amazing group of swimmers...'

This is all part of the adventure and we're hoping for team spirit, flexibility and patience from our pioneers. If this sounds like you, then get in touch with us and we look forward to welcoming you on location.