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Yoga and Swimming Holidays

Are you looking to combine your your passions of open water swimming and yoga? Perhaps you're a seasoned yogi and are looking to start your open water swimming journey? Then our yoga and swimming holidays sound like the perfect getaway for you!

Why not join us in the serene and beautiful Lithuanian countryside on our YogaSwim Lithuania trip where we'll enjoy getting close to nature and engaging with our bodies.

YogaSwim Crete

Discover the stunning coastlines and crystal clear waters of one of Europe’s southernmost destinations with an unforgettable swimming and yoga holiday on the idyllic Greek island of Crete. From dramatic coastal cliffs to isolated coves, bays and beaches, the island is full of spectacular locations to explore and enjoy.

7 days
Yoga and Swimming

YogaSwim Lithuania

Get away from the everyday hustle and bustle and join us on a short escape to Lithuania, where we’ll enjoy yoga and freshwater swimming in the country’s beautiful Aukštaitija National Park. With accommodation in the remote and relaxed Tiki Inn and a combination of Iyengar Yoga, swims and walks amongst some of the area’s most spectacular scenery, this is a perfect way to reconnect to nature with this perfect combination of yoga with swimming.

5 days
Yoga and Swimming