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Why Malta should be your next swimming holiday destination

By Olivia Weatherill , 25 April, 2019

Europe is home to some of the world’s best swimming locations, but the tiny island nation of Malta may not necessarily be a destination on every swimmer’s radar. Malta and its neighbouring islands offer up a fantastic mix of dramatic landscapes, impossibly blue waters and a rich and unique culture that make it quite unlike anywhere else on earth. SwimTrek’s Malta Escape trip is based on Gozo, the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago, and provides us with an incredibly beautiful swim setting. If you’re looking for that next extraordinary swimming adventure, read on to find out why we think Malta is the swimming destination you simply cannot miss.

Incredible water quality

Gozo - Mgarr Ix Xini Swimmer by Clive Vella.jpg

For swimmers who prioritise the clearest of waters at the top of their swimming holiday checklist, the water clarity around Gozo and Malta will certainly not be disappoint. With water so clear it looks as though boats are hovering in the air, this is the stunning setting we get to enjoy for our daily swims. Around the islands, the shimmering shades of the water’s blue hues vary from turquoise to indigo, so whether we’re swimming along the darker waters along the southern coast of Gozo to the pretty, shallow bays of Xlendi, the quality and clarity of the water we’ll swim in is unparalleled.

Wonder at the natural beauty

Gozo - Cliffs by Clive Vella.jpg

From impressive archways, to caves and charming lagoons, Malta and Gozo enjoy some of the most beautiful natural sites to be found in Europe. The dramatic cliffs of Ta Cenc are humbling to swim alongside, and our route will also take us to the site of the Azure Window ruins which is still a remarkably beautiful scene even after its 2017 collapse. Just around the corner lies the impressive Dwejra Bay and the Dwejra inland Sea, a secluded swim spot accessed through an archway in the cliffs that opens to a seawater lagoon. These incredible sites can be found all around the islands, with Comino’s Blue Lagoon another world-renowned beauty that we’ll also get the chance to see. Where many tourists arrive by ferry, we’ll get a different perspective of this of this little piece of paradise as we swim up to it!

The chance to swim historic routes and discover modern day filming locations

The entrance to the Inland Sea Malta Gozo

If you love the idea of accomplishing a real achievement, the Malta Escape trip offers the chance to cover many sites rich in history. Our trip features the opportunity to attempt a crossing between the neighbouring islands of Gozo and Malta, with a stop off point at Comino, the archipelago’s third and only other inhabited island. As well as swimming your way across all of Malta’s major islands, we swim past filming locations for Hollywood movies and the HBO series Game of Thrones, (including Mgarr Ix-Xini and the Azure Window respectively) so we’re sure there’ll be something of cultural significance to spark your interest!

A boutique hotel stay awaits you


After a great day of exploring Malta’s charming waters, the perfect place to relax awaits you at the Duke’s Boutique Hotel. Set in the centre of Victoria on Gozo and with elevated views over the island, you can enjoy a little piece of luxury in between the pleasure of swimming around Malta’s most beautiful locations. When we’re not swimming, you can take the time to wander around the city’s winding streets and explore inside its charming medieval citadel. The beautiful St George’s Basilica lies in the heart of the heart of the city and its ornate decorations are certainly worth a trip.

We’re sure you won’t be able to resist the sound of a Maltese swimming adventure after reading what lies in store for you! To find out more about our Malta trip and to book you can visit our trip page or call our Customer Team on +44 (0)1273 739713.

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