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SwimTrek HQ's favourite SwimTrek locations

By Olivia Weatherill , 26 September, 2019

As well as helping make all our guests swimming dreams a reality, our head office staff also love to get out and explore our swimming destinations around the world. Here some of our team have compiled their favourite locations that they’ve enjoyed through swimming with SwimTrek!

Lycian Way – Turkey

Lycian Way.jpg

Why walk the famous Lycian Way when you can swim it instead? This trip appeals to my love of history and exploring beautiful locations. Watching an amazing sunset over the sea while sitting on the steps of an ancient theatre perfectly captures the wonderful mix of experiences this trip has to offer. Swimming in the unbelievably clear turquoise water along the coast here is fantastic on its own, and then jumping back on the traditional gulet boat for a spread of fresh, tasty Turkish food just can't be topped. I'll be heading back here again as soon as I can! - Thomas

Croatia Escape

ugljan escape olivia jump in.jpg

This trip was a lovely way to see this pretty and quiet part of Croatia. Such a charming spot with a stylish, modern apartment to relax in at the end of the day. I also really enjoyed getting the chance to take a hike up to St Michael’s Mount at the top of Ugljan; it took less than an hour to reach from the hotel and gave us great views over where we had swum during the trip. A great lasting memory to finish the holiday on! - Olivia

Tremiti Islands - Italy


This trip's remote nature was part of the big appeal for me. Even in the height of summer, there aren’t many tourists in Tremiti, so it feels like you’re discovering a hidden gem. The islands are small enough to get to know very well on just a week’s holiday and so I felt quite at home by the time I left. Flying into the islands by helicopter was also a great touch that made me feel special! - Chloe

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands- search image.jpg

My experience guiding in the British Virgin Islands was just fantastic. Every morning we woke up to and swam alongside incredible landscapes and we spent our evenings in tiny bars sipping pain killers (a local twist on pina coladas) and laughing with the locals. Everyone was so warm and friendly in the BVI and that really resonated with me. The country has a long history of enjoying life out on the water, so a SwimTrek trip feels right at home here, but don’t worry, there’s no pirates at bay these days. Some other highlights for me were getting to explore the granite Baths and of course the crossing from the British to the US Virgin Islands – swimming from Britain to America! - Ricky

Milos Explorer


Milos’ beauty is a special kind of jaw dropping. The bright white cliffs look almost other worldly at times and shine so beautifully against the turquoise waters. The island boasts traditional whitewashed buildings and we’re lucky enough to stay in of them. Milos photographs incredibly well, but the experience of being there yourself and swimming in its waters is a great memory I’ll treasure. - Chad

Ionian Explorer

relaxing on beach in Syvota after Ionian exploring

This trip had plenty of caves and coves to explore so it was a great choice for someone like me who loves to get up close to my surroundings! Being set in the sweet fishing village of Filakas gave us a great base to explore the surrounding area while having a relaxing place to head back to at the end of the day. This was my first SwimTrek experience and it will certainly be tough to beat! - Rhiannon

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

lady of avenel cornwall

I loved getting to explore the south west of British Isles, it really is one of the prettiest places in the country. Inquisitive Atlantic Grey Seals can be found around here; we saw them nearly everyday out there and this was a real highlight for me. During the trip we sail over to the Isles of Scilly. Travelling on a stunning ship and completing this crossing is something I’ll never forget. - Reggie

Lake Bled and the Slovenian Alps


This was a perfect short escape for me and my friend to enjoy some swims together. I’d seen how lovely the trip looked in pictures before but it’s on another level when you’re there. We got to swim alongside the Julian Alps on several of our swims. It was such a beautiful backdrop; it almost didn’t look real. It was great to have the chance to swim in Lake Bled but getting to travel around to visit more lakes and rivers in northern Slovenia and also in Italy really made this trip special. It’s an intense, busy trip but I loved it all. - Sally

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