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Monday in Croatia: day 2 of swimming - Tijat

By Viki Shelver , 24 August, 2016

Got woken by some serious thunder and lightening through the night. A little bit of an ominous sign for the day ahead. 9 o'clock gathering at the boat after breakfast. The sea condition was completely different to yesterday. Very choppy and a little windy. We took off for Otak Tijat. Had a nice long coastal swim in the leeward side of the island. Both groups maintaining a good pace even through the choppier sections. Mary took the opportunity to practice in her wetsuit, conditions were good for that. Sea floor was very interesting in its varying rock formations. Fish shoals vary in size but appear to be a lot larger than yesterday. Stopped off in a sheltered bay for morning tea. Crowds were amused by the 'naturalists' parked in a nearby cruiser. They seemed pretty relaxed and totally ignored any gawking crowds! Lunch on board and then we were ferried to the island which is basically uninhabitated but does have a small cafe (with no toilet facilities). After coffee some took a walk through the island (Lozza and Mary) while others (Viki) choose to have a relax in the shade. The afternoon swim was around the bay. Dan knocked a pair of goggles into the water and did an amazing water entry that created such a splash he swamped the boat. Stephanie got the brunt of it while she was all warm and dry, waiting for her Vaseline application. We started in the less protected section, through to calmer water and then back into the seriously choppy water. Love the challenge! A slightly damp trip back at the end of the day. Viki had a massage which very much appreciated! A lady from Sibenik, Carmen, comes over on the ferry and uses the upstairs area at the hotel. We had a group dinner up at the Illy Cafe, fabulous tapas style menu. Cheese, ham, olives, capers, eggplant tapenade, tuna tapenade, bruschetta, octopus stew, marinaded chicken, barbecued tuna and a crepe for desert. Lovely staff who were very proud of their food. Great evening! Early to bed, ready for the new day......


Tuesday in Croatia: The Magnificent Seven rock!

Weather gods aren't really playing fair. Wind is up and spoiling our options. But never fear, we set off after breakfast, all rugged up and with wet weather gear on, to ward off the spray. Headed towards Sibenik and as we rounded the shelter of Prvic Luka the fun began. Tom, our trusted...

Wednesday in Croatia: Otak Zmajan coastal encounter.

A beautiful day, slight breeze but calm seas and sunshine. Nic's family had arrived yesterday and with his sore shoulder, he decided to have a rest day. We headed out of the harbour towards Otak Zmajan. After a 40 minute journey we arrived at our starting point. Lovely calm water although a...

Thursday in Croatia: Fantastic Crossings

Cracker day for our last big swim day! On the boat by 8.45am and off we went into the smoothest of seas to date. A 40 minute ride took us around to the other side of Otok Zmajan. Crystal clear water, as smooth as glass, had everyone rearing to go. Trish gave the team a few sighting tips and the...

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