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Meet Marco our Boat Pilot | Sardinia Swimming Holiday

By SwimTrek Team , 02 October, 2012

SwimTrek’s Maddalena (Sardinia) pilot is Marco Piras who is a native of Maddalena and has been living on the island his whole life. His family have been fisherman for generations and as a child he used to go out with his father whenever he wasn’t at school.

Marco has been SwimTrek’s pilot in Sardinia for the last 3 seasons. When asked what he likes about escorting the SwimTrek trips he says “I’m impressed by the energy and enthusiasm that all the swimmers posses. They show that anything is possible and I love being involved with that.”

Marco knows these islands as well as anyone and each trip is unique in that new swim routes are often pioneered for the first time.

When asked about his favourite place on the islands, he says “It’s a tricky one and I have to come up with two locations” The first is the inland sea between the 3 islands of Budelli, Razzoli & Santa Maria. Even if the weather is rough outside this lagoon offers a sheltered place to swim. The 2nd is the island of Caprera and its dramatic southern coast. The rock formations here are superb and it’s a great place for coastal swimming and mooring up for lunch.”

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