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Emma's Trip to the Turkish Lycian Way - Guest Post

By SwimTrek Team , 25 August, 2015

Returning from her trip - SwimTrek Guest, Emma shares her highlights and insider view of swimming along the turquoise coast of the Lycian Way, Turkey;

  • Our group was a hodge podge mix of couples, families and singles and by the end, with the magic of time and the natural love of swimming - we created such a cohesive and jovial relationship.

  • Our guides were superb. I would go on any trip led by Pete. He is responsible, laid back, fun and a very good swim coach. Emma was able, a magnificent example of someone who uses her talent and was a lovely person.

  • The staff on the boat were also so gracious and the food that Zeinep made was fresh, healthy, tasty, and so thoughtfully presented. We were really taken care of.

  • The hotel was great for us and every day after our bodies were weary from Salt and sun, we sat in the hotel Pool and chatted.

  • The little town of Kas was a superb backdrop to the entire experience. A hub of activity at night and packed with people, it was lively, fun and filled with warmth- physically and otherwise.

  • And then - the swimming. We were challenged distance wise and on the first few days there was a lot of swell, chop and drag that made me feel quite sea sick and like I was in a washing machine. But it improved and once we were out swimming with the turtles - the spinning stopped.

Overall it was exceptional and I would recommend to anyone who is an able swimmer and also who loves sea life.

Turkish Lycian Way Swimmers Fresh fish aboard the boat


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